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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Your rehearsal dinner: 5 steps for a business-savvy approach to selecting good eats

Source: Stars Wedding

This past weekend was a weekend of good eats in more than one way. Who can deny that turkey, stuffing, and momma’s mashed potatoes are worth all those calories? Thursday I was stuffed as big as the bird. But it was also a good-eats weekend because we found the place where we want to have our rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal dinner are not required, but are relatively standard in wedding planning. This dinner typically takes place just after the wedding ceremony rehearsal and involves toasts, gifts, and good eats. For more details on the rehearsal dinner, click here.

Business-savvy brides seek out strategic ways to evaluate their rehearsal dinner location just as much as any other vendor relationship being established. Here are 4 Fs and 1 D for a thoughtful approach to selecting your rehearsal dinner location.


  • Feel. AKA ambiance. A location should reflect the tastes, desires, and needs of the bride and groom. Different locations will have different decor and feel. Think about if you want to go casual, swanky, homey, or business casual.
  • Formality. The very first thing the bride and groom should think about is the formality of their rehearsal dinner. If you’re a T shirt and jeans kind of couple, perhaps a supped up backyard BBQ is perfect for you. But if you want to embrace the once-in-a-lifetime feel, you may want to think of a more formal environment. Closely associated with formality is another F…funds. Generally speaking, the more formal, the more funds required.


  1. Food. Crucial to a rehearsal dinner are good eats and drinks. Think about the kind of food you’d like to eat the night before your wedding and find a place that syncs up with your vision. If you’re a lover of pizza, a steakhouse may not be the place to go.
  2. Fans. Rehearsal dinners are typically attended by the bridal party, the parents of the bride and the groom, and perhaps out of town guests. If you’re rehearsal dinner will be 50 deep, you may want to think about facilities that can handle the quantity of people. However, if it’s only 6 people large, you would think much differently. The amount of fans will also have an impact on the F not listed outright…funds. Generally speaking, the more people, the more money needed.
  3. Distance. Last, but certainly not least, is the distance between your ceremony rehearsal location and the rehearsal dinner location, then the rehearsal dinner location to where people are staying. Where possible, try to be considerate of the distance people are traveling to rehearse, then dine with you. The closer the better.

Using the five categories outlined above will help you to think through the perfect rehearsal dinner location. Although all categories are important, there may be one criteria that is more important than another. No matter what, go with your gut and what is perfect for you and the hubster.

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