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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Why Pinterest is a Bride New BFF

Why brides love Pinterest

Pinterest is a hot new social media platform that allows users the images and videos that inspire them. In January 2012, TechCrunch reported that Pinterest made history by crossing the 10 million mark faster than any other standalone site in history. And brides to be, as well as women who aren’t even engaged yet, are addicted to the platform.

So what is the big deal with Pinterest? Why is this new platform so successful among the bridal community?

First, it’s visual. Brides finally have the opportunity to create inspiration boards without having to wrestle with a printer, scissors and glue or have advanced computer knowledge. Now, a bride can see her wedding vision on her computer monitor without having to be a graphic designer or hire an expensive planner to put an inspiration board together. Pinterest is a wedding inspiration enabler.

Secondly, it’s shareable. If a bride wants to share a vision of her wedding with her mother, bridesmaids, or other friends, she can simply direct them to her Pinterest profile. Pinterest helps those individuals who influence the bride see her vision and understand what she wants.

Then, it’s sticky. The Wall Street Journal reported that Pinterest users spent almost twice the amount of time on Pinterest than they did on Twitter, LinkedIn, mySpace, and Google+ combined in January. I’d venture to say that brides significantly contribute to Pinterest’s success in beating out other social platforms because there are many brides on Pinterest who provide inspiration to other brides (in business circles, we call this network effects). Sifting through the images and videos can be an endless activity that some brides call addicting, while others call inspiring.

Next, it’s easy to use. Brides can surf the website and find images that they like and pin it to a pin board, a virtual cork board, that allows them to organize their thoughts. Or, if brides are surfing the web, they can use the Pinterest bookmarklet which allows the bride to pin items directly off of her web browser on just about any website. Brides to be can make categories for everything from Save The Dates to decorations which can help her create her wedding vision.

Lastly, it’s easy to navigate. While a bride may post something that inspires her to Twitter and Facebook, the thought is gone from the top of new feeds within minutes. And once its gone from the top of the news feed, it takes 5-7 clicks to find for each post the bride makes thereafter. With Pinterest, a user is at the the pin board of choice within 3-5 clicks, even if the bride posts something else. Because the content is simpler to navigate over time, it allows brides to find the content they posted faster.

Because Pinterest is visual, shareable, sticky, easy to use and easy to navigate, brides sign up for Pinterest in droves.

Do you use Pinterest? If so, how? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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