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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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When to DIY, Rent, or Buy 4 factors to consider

There are a ton of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) books out there. A simple Amazon search yields 70 different DIY books for brides to decide on. But many of the books focus on creating all the decorations, details, and plans as the best way to save money. If you’re a business-savvy bride who’s juggling school, work, family, friends, volunteer events, church, or any of the above, money clearly isn’t the only factor that influences the decision to DIY.
The thing these books overlook is that business-savvy brides must also consider time AND knowledge as crucial resources in wedding planning. If you have little of any, you’re not out of luck. Often times, you can ask for the assistance of someone who can help you to create your dream centerpieces, ceremony cards, or decor. Ask yourself three questions when considering your decor:
Should I make it?
Should I rent it?
Should I buy it?
Here’s how you can figure out if you should make, rent, or buy the item in question, leaving money out of the equation (because let’s be realistic, most of us want to save as much money as we can):
Make it when you have the knowledge and time
Maybe you’re gifted in centerpiece creations and you’ve done it for friends before. Make sure you have the capabilities to actually execute, then ask yourself how many hours it will realistically take to create the centerpieces. Do you have that much time between now and your wedding to create those things? In deciding if you have the time, consider what you’d be giving up doing to create the centerpiece of a lifetime. You’d have to take time away from doing other activities, like painting, couch-potatoeing, shopping, sleeping, etc. Are you willing to give those activities up?
Rent it when you don’t have knowledge or time, but someone else already has it
If someone has something that you want to use for your wedding, it may be worthwhile to “rent it” from them. As an example, you may want to dress up the long table at your reception with a classy and cool table runner, but don’t feel like investing in the fabric to make a 24 foot runner. Local vendors will be willing to rent you their table runners for less than you would buy it for, and then they take it back at the end of the night.
Buy it when you don’t have the knowledge, time, or someone to help you
Buying the item of interest in its ready-to-go form is a DIYer’s nightmare, but a busy-bee’s dream. Fact of the matter is that you won’t have the knowledge, time, or help in every instance, so you may just need to buy some things, whether it be a good or service, outright. If you don’t have an expertise in customized glass blowing for the containers around your aisle runner at the ceremony, you may want to consider buying them and resell later or use it for decoration in your home.
These three guiding principles will help you, the business-savvy bride-to-be, evaluate if you should DIY, rent or buy. It’s important that you consider all four factors: not only money, but knowledge, time, and help from people around you too.
What do you think? What are some things that you will be making for your wedding? What will you be renting? And what will you be buying?

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