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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Wedding Website Platforms Demystified

Too Many Wedding Website Options

You can help but ask yourself which is the best wedding website platform for you. I’m sure your anxious to implement an absurdly adorable and creative wedding website idea. And there are a ton of wedding website platforms to choose from. But how can you possibly tell the difference between the options?

First, you should ask yourself, “Do I need a wedding website?” If you decide you do, then you have the unique challenge of picking a platform.

Admittedly, I’ve only created one wedding website for our wedding, so I haven’t seen the full functionality of all the others that are out there. But we can consolidate your search into some of the biggest wedding website platforms out there.

Here are five powerhouse wedding website platforms:

1. Wedding Wire

Among the most popular website options is Wedding Wire, touting 120 different design options, simple functionality, and mobile optimized content. What’s really cool is that this website has advanced functionality allowing you to centralize your wedding planning techniques on one site. The downside to using this free content is limited functionality and a really crazy website address.

2. The Knot

If you don’t love The Knot, you really are an unconventional bride. This website houses brilliant ideas, lots of advice, and inspiration galore. Registered members have the option of using the free limited services or upgrading for $20 which includes customization of the URL. The Knot also gives you the option of creating a customized website on Wedding Tracker for $30, which gives you even more advanced features and unlimited storage of photos. 

3. My Wedding

Less popular than The Knot and Wedding Wire, My Wedding offers many of the same features as the other two big dogs. Brides using this software can choose from over 600 wedding website designs that suit any wedding style, are easy to navigate and come with matching wedding invitations

4. Google Weddings

If you’re a bride on the go and want something quick and easy for a wedding website, who better to go with than the masters of simplicity and ease of use – Google! Google weddings alows you to choose between 12 themes (much less than 120 of wedding wire, which can be overwhelming) to create a simple, easy, and customizable wedding website. Your website would appear with the leading URL of “” If you’re looking for simplicity, go with Google Weddings.

5. eWedding

I must confess, I am a eWedding bride and am slightly biased toward this product. As compared to the previous three, the folks on eWedding strictly focus on creating beautiful, functional wedding websites for its brides and grooms. The applications and functionalities are understandable, engaging, and fully customizable. eWedding offers packaged tiers of advanced functionality offerings, allowing you to determine if you want to stick to free or really need the password protected access for your bridal party. I pay about $5 a month to have the step above free, which is more than enough for me.

What wedding platform do you use? What other platforms are out there? Weigh in with your opinion in the comments below.

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