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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Wedding Toasts Etiquette

Raise the glass, it is time to propose a toast to the happy couple! Wedding toasts and speeches can sometimes cause anxiety but don’t let them. Enjoy the moment you become the focus of attention, and make the most of this situation and some preparation work. Your Best Man, Maid of honor, and other special guests may ask for adequate speaking times so it’s good to have an idea in advance. You and your another half may also want to prepare some expression of gratitude, thank your parents, your guests or each other.

So who raise a glass?  Here are my some thoughts on wedding toast etiquette, for the bride, groom and the best man.

Traditionally, the best man, Maid of honor, and the bride and groom’s parents would say the course of events in the past. However, the intimate friend, the bride and groom themselves, or anyone who has something to say is welcoming toast.

When do we the toast?

When do toasts begin depends on the nature of your wedding. If you place a cocktail reception or buffet style, have your guests gather in the same place and time to listen to toast. While in formal wedding, traditionally father of the bride makes the toast in the beginning. Food service providers can arrange official champagne toast, to pass the champagne glasses for each of your guests before you speak or the father of the bride. Toast really can be made at any time during the reception route, between meals during the cake cutting and other.

If the purpose of a toast is for parents or any of the other guests, the bride and groom should go up. When these newlyweds toast this is a great opportunity to make a public acknowledgement of parents’ love and support of family and friends. If the bride and groom toast, they should not speak at the same time (it sounds obvious, but you would be surprised. Instead, they should stand together and you take turns to speak.)  Wedding toasts should be full of emotions with some sense of humour. There is nothing better for a groom than having some embarrassing moments over his best man speeches. Though, for the Best Man, remember to avoid excesses jokes. Your joke is met with silence, if only a handful of audience to understand!

Always prepare your toasts in advance, but always try to speak from the heart. Reading from the card is acceptable if you can be attentive on your guests by having good eye contacts and proper gestures

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