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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Avoid These Wedding Planning Mistakes

San Diego Bride & Groom surveyed San Diego wedding planners and asked them to share what they think is the single biggest mistake most couples make in planning their weddings. Here’s what they said along with their suggestions for avoiding these wedding planning mistakes:

Laura Agurs, Weddings with Style: “The single biggest mistake couples make when planning their weddings is not hiring a professional wedding consultant because they feel they cannot afford to do so when, in fact, they cannot afford not to hire a consultant.

I believe that hiring a professional wedding consultant is not an expense but an investment in the planning and design process for that perfect wedding. A professional wedding consultant will pre-screen vendor contacts and wedding sites, create a wedding budget, and guide couples through the entire wedding planning process. Hiring an experienced wedding consultant allows couples to feel a sense of ease and efficiency, save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes from the beginning of the planning process.”

Yvonne Lucero, Yvonne Lucero Designs: “In my experience, the biggest mistake couples make in planning their weddings is that they don’t plan for the actual wedding day, and all that goes into it. They enjoy the initial planning, such as securing their sites, hiring their vendors, purchasing the favors, programs, and place cards, but who will ensure everything is set the day of the wedding?

Couples tend to forget that this is “their” special day, one of the most important days of their lives. They should be worry-free “guests” having a wonderful time with their family and friends, not worrying about all the details.

I would suggest that couples hire a professional coordinator for the day. Keep in mind, that even though the bride may want to rely on her mother or maid of honor to oversee everything, they too, want to enjoy themselves.”

Anseth Richards, Creative Occasions: “I think there are two main wedding planning mistakes. First, most couples don’t determine what’s important to them concerning every aspect of their wedding and then plan a budget accordingly. Couples need to prioritize the various components of their wedding from what’s most important to least important. For example, if the reception’s dŽcor is the most important to you then the food and entertainment will be affected in your budget.

Second, seek advice from someone who’s been through the process whether a paid professional like a wedding planner or a friend who recently got married. Also, read wedding books and magazines and research online. There are so many details that need to be considered when planning a wedding, the last thing you want is to be overbudget and overstressed before your wedding. Plan early to avoid costly mistakes.”

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