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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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3 ways to take more photos at your wedding

Former brides re-live their wedding by looking at the pictures that where taken on the day they got married. Future brides recognize that their photos will help them to recall the memories and will sink thousands of dollars into photographers. That’s right, photographers…plural, not singular. But not every bride is rolling in the dough and those broke-@$$ brides need to be more creative than the affluent ones.

Business-savvy brides are resourceful and get creative in a way that captures the most value for the bridal budget. Typically, this means finding multiple ways to justify the added costs associated with adding a vendor.

Here are three options a bride has in place of hiring a second photographer that adds incredible value to the entire day:

1. Rent a photobooth

Although many of us recall the days of yonder where we climbed into a photobooth with our friends or first crushes at the movies, photobooths turn out to be a huge hit at weddings. Photobooth vendors, like NY Digital Memories, offer not only a fun way to capture images, but will also create a nifty guest book for the bride and groom to take home after.

The best part about photobooths is that you can kill multiple birds with one stone – use the photobooth keepsake book as your guest book, allow the guests to take home their images in a photo frame as favors, and also use the photo frame as your seating cards. Every business-savvy bride loves multiple purposes for one purchase.

2. Arrange for some Zap Shots

Your DJ may be able to capture some killer images of guests breaking it down on the dance floor. Simply put a digital camera in the MC’s hands and let her snap away. Be sure to ask the DJ for a USB drive or another way to obtain the photos at the end of the night.

Zap shots take it one step further by projecting the photos of guests during the reception. If your DJ has a freestanding projector screen or TVs to project your baby images (awww, so sweet), ask them if they can arrange to project the pictures they take during the reception. If you make the images available close to the dance floor, it will encourage guests to boogie down faster.

3. Ask Your Guests to Photo Share

Years ago, brides and grooms would put disposable cameras on tables and ask guests to take pictures throughout the reception, then give the cameras to the bride and groom at the end of the night. In the technology age, more and more guests are simply taking out their phones and capturing images there. Unfortunately, guests are not turning their phones into the bride and groom at the end of the night.

Some brides are setting up accounts on photo sharing websites like SnapfishShutterfly, or Instagram. But these great ideas rarely come to fruition as this task typically goes onto the back burner. So instead of DIY, a bride can consider websites like Wedding Snap, Wedding Turtle, or The Wedding Lens, where brides can set up accounts and pay for guests ability to upload photos. Using a photo sharing website makes your guests feels more involved and allows you to capture the details of your big day.

These innovative, technologically-savvy ways of gathering images from the wedding day will help the bride and groom to recall all the memories for years to come.

What other ways can a bride capture images for her wedding?

Photo Source: Money Crashers

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