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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Ultimate Guide on Wedding Flowers Ideas

Since many brides decide that their wedding day flowers are one of their highest priorities, and thus choose to devote a larger part of their budget toward this area, I would like to show you some of the money saving tips and guide on wedding flowers ideas.

To choose the floral makeup of your bouquet and boutonnieres (and even your centerpieces), you can do a beautiful job and save lots of money by selecting the right flowers to comprise each. For instance, some flower varieties might cost 50 cents a stem, and some might cost $5. That’s per flower. So it’s the smartest move possible to research the prices of many lovely flowers, understand how the floral industry works in terms of where and when they get their flowers, and familiarize yourself with new and unique choices that pack a visual punch in their originality without breaking the bank.

Wedding Flower Money Saving Tips

  1. Always choose flowers that are going to be in-season for the best prices.
  2. Always consider first locally grown flowers over imported ones.
  3. Open your mind to non-bridal flowers. Especially in peak wedding season, all those roses and gardenias are going to be priced higher. If you look outside the usual wedding choices—say, to clematis, ranunculus, and so on—your bouquets and centerpieces become very unique and eye-catching.
  4. Ask to see the wide range of fillers for your bouquets and centerpieces. From Queen Anne’s Lace to ivy to leather leaf ferns to that pretty little filler with the teeny tiny yellow flowers, they’re inexpensive, delicate, and provide a pretty contrast to the color of the flower.
  5. Wildflowers are very popular right now, especially for outdoor weddings and décor.

When you hire a wedding florist to create and make your ceremony, reception or wedding party flowers, be sure to ask the following questions in order to have a sense of this project will meet your needs at the budget you are comfortable with and at the quality and professionalism you seek.

Wedding Flowers Ideas

Wedding Floral Checklist

Here, I would like to share with you some of the popular wedding flowers used over time and what are the wedding flowers ideas to use for any season that your wedding is on.

Popular Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers Ideas

Popular Wedding Flowers


Spring Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers Ideas

Spring Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers Ideas

Summer Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers Ideas

Fall Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers Ideas

Winter Wedding Flowers

All Year Round Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flowers Ideas

All Year Round Wedding Flowers


Wedding Bouquet Tips and Ideas

Here are some quick tips and ideas about how to choose your wedding bouquets.  Keep in mind that the tips for your bouquet apply to those of your bridesmaids and perhaps even mothers and grandmothers. The rules are the same for all, and the opportunity for unique and stylish floral bouquets should be enjoyed by all.

  1. A smaller bouquet is a bar- gain, obviously, because it requires fewer flowers and less labor by floral designers.
  2. You may find that a bouquet made with several shades of color will pack more visual impact than a monochromatic one and you may need fewer flowers to make the same effect.
  3. Remember that the price of bouquets is dependent on the labor hours it takes for the designer to make them. A Biedermayer—or dense-packed round bouquet—is usually priced higher than a hand-tied traditional bouquet.
  4. A hand-tied collection of calla lilies, wrapped at the base with a color coordinating satin ribbon that works with the color accents in your gown or those of your bridesmaids. Low in cost, low in labor prices, and a gorgeous look even for formal weddings.
To conclude, wedding flowers demand lots of resources in terms of time and money that deserves your effort and attention.  Hopefully, this post provide you some insights and guide on wedding flowers ideas that you can use for your wedding day.