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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Wedding Advice from A Couple Who’ve Walked Down the Aisle

We recently had a conversation with our friends, sharing with us about their wedding experience and some wedding advice.

Best Aspect of Our Wedding Reception: 
It was a beautiful, sunny day in January with fantastic food and Irish dancers who performed at the reception. Many friends and family members continue to compliment us on the Irish dancers Ñthey were unique!

What We’d Like to Change About Our Wedding:
The DJ who we hired sent a replacement on the day of the wedding. The only complication occurred during the song is that my husband requested to dance with his mother. The replacement DJ didn’t bring the song with him, so my husband and his mother danced to another tune.  Although everything still went well and we had lots of fun, it was one of things that was unexpected.  We knew from this little incident, that communication with vendors is pretty important throughout the planning stage, but always expect something unexpected to happen, even when you think everything is under control.

Heartily Wedding Advice:
The best wedding planning tip is to start early! We were so relaxed the week leading up to the wedding because we completed all major plans six months before, and all the last-minute details a week before the wedding. As a result, we were able to enjoy the company of our out-of-town guests and family the entire week leading up to the wedding.

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