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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Unconventional Bridal Registry Part 1 of 3: 3 Steps to Brainstorming The Perfect Wedding Registry For You

My fiance and I currently live in an apartment. It’s clean, cozy, and suitable for now. Our apartment is furnished with our friend’s furniture – couch, kitchen table, chairs, coffee table, and TV stand. After we’re married and we no longer have our friend’s furniture, we’ll have our bed, my fiance’s poang chair, and a TV. Oh, and the decorative pillows that currently sit on the friend’s couch.

It’s overwhelming to think of all the investments we’ll have to make as we move into married life. We’ll need to buy cars, a home, furniture, and all the other little things that newlyweds need. Wedding registries are supposed to help with the smaller things and help the bride and groom get ready for their new diggs. In reality, some guests prefer to give you something other than gelt.

It seems rather arbitrary to register for fine china when we don’t even have a kitchen table. So despite the fact that Macy’s gives engaged couples a $50 gift card for every $250 guests spend at the store and Bed, Bath, & Beyond offers cash back for any returned gifts, there is a growing demand for unconventional bridal registries. For example, in an ABC news report, take Meredith Gould, who asked for health insurance as a wedding gift.

What’s a business savvy bride to do? Apply fabulous negotiating skills, of course.

Each Monday for the next three Mondays, I will post my progress on how we plan to create an unconventional wedding registry for couples who want the staples just as much if not more than the fine china. I will use a three-prong structure of 1) Brainstorming, 2) Research, and 3) Negotiation.

To begin, let’s start with brainstorming. Here are three steps you should take to brainstorming an unconventional bridal registry:

  1. Pinpoint the unconventional items. For my fiance and I, it’s furnishings. But for you, it may be healthcare or something else. Whatever it might be, make sure you and your hubster-to-be talk it out and agree. Also, you may want to make sure that the conventional registries cannot accommodate what you’re looking for. You may save yourself a lot of time and energy if you find Macy’s has the couch you want.
  2. Brainstorm stores and business that provide those items. The larger the list you come up with, the better off you’ll be. So go crazy and list 10+ businesses that would be able to receive the services or products from.
  3. Target your stores. Find at least three businesses that offer what it is you are looking for. Also, make sure these stores are accessible to your guests, as they may want to purchase something from that business for you.

These steps should take you about one week to complete. Next Monday’s post will help you to research and will dive deeper into effective negotiation skills to create the best registry possible.

Share some of the unconventional items that you would like to see on your registry by sharing a comment below.

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