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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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To boudoir or not to boudoir, that is the question

Gut instinct check: Would you take boudoir photos?
… Yes or No?…
…Decide your answer before you read on…

An Argument for Yes

Amy Haberland makes a case for why boudoir photos are perfectly acceptable for brides-to-be in her article, In Defense of Bridal Boudoir, posted today on Huffington post. Amy argues a boudoir should be “about art.” She outlines some reasoning why b-pics are a good idea. Namely, the reasoning is as follows:

  • Boudoir photographers will never show your photographs without permission; it’s written in the contract
  • Different gift to give to the hubster on your wedding day
  • Captures pictures of you in your youth
  • Shows self-worth and self-respect
  • Stylize your photos to fit your personality
  • Fun experience where you can get dressed up
  • You can potentially up the intimate interest / surprise / delight of your hubster with the scantily clad photos

MBA Bride’s Argument for No

Although they are perfectly feasible for many of my bride-to-be friends, I have limited interest in boudoir photos. Here are four reasons why lingerie shots are out of the question for me:

    • Just too darn risky. Taylor Swift, anyone? What happens if you have a photographer who drafts a phony contract? As a busy-bee, I don’t really have time to run the contract past my attorney. Let’s say your photos come out exceptionally artistic or you somehow obtain your 15-minutes of fame and the photos spill out all over the internet. Talk about embarrassment! And potentially a career killer as well.
  • He can’t show it to others. So let’s just say the contract is a non-issue…he can’t show off how beautiful his bride is. He can’t put it on his desk at work and, really, he probably doesn’t want to show off his sexy wife to his friends. And if, god forbid, the hubster gives his friends a peek, then you might have his friends staring at you in a different light, just like that weird, chubby friend in Overboard (creepy pic to right).
  • Drink to enjoy it? I can’t help but pick on the fact that some women need to drink to relax and take good b-pics. A camera shy bride-to-be needs to drink to take these photos? If you’re at all camera shy, why would you torture yourself with half-nude pics?
  • Too expensive. I considered it. I evaluated it. And I thought it was beyond expensive. The least expensive package I found was $500 for a half hour session (yes, that would be $1000 an hour) and the most expensive was $2500 for 4 hours – quite a deal at $625 an hour (sarcasm is dripping from these words). You can buy two honeymoon tickets to Europe for $2500. You can also buy a pretty amazing wedding gift with the steal of $625 that you would have spent otherwise. Or you can also schnazz up your honeymoon wardrobe by investing in gorgeous lingerie that he can experience, not just stare at in a room with no one around.

So as you can see, the value was just not there for me. Not to say that b-pics are bad, but they’re not the right thing for this business-savvy bride. In my mind, a perfect (and more socially feasible) alternative would be headshots or a dressed up personal photoshoot. Plus, he can be proud to share non b-pics photos with friends, family, and coworkers.

So where do you stand on the issue? Yay or nay for b-pics? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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