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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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The 4 worst registry items for the business-oriented bride

I am no Betty Crocker. As much “fun” as it sounds to be a homemaker, it’s not in the cards for me. I have more balls in the air than a juggler at a circus and doubt my ball-juggling career will subside post wedding. In the future, I’ll be a career-driven woman, an attentive wife, a caring mother, and probably a few other adjectives and nouns. That’s usually how it goes for a business-savvy, busy-bee bride-to-be. We are a certain “breed” of women…it just doesn’t stop.

I’ll be completely honest and say this: I am entirely, whole heartedly intimidated by the registry process. It’s difficult for me to look into my crystal ball and figure out what kind of table centerpieces, candlesticks, and kitchen utensils I’ll need in my married life. If nothing else, many of the registry suggestions remind me of the 1950s housewives I’ve read about in books and know I will never be. The existing registry process doesn’t cater to me or provide me with adequate suggestions for my lifestyle.

So while us business-savvy brides-to-be hold our breath for an amazingly perceptive company to segment registries for the at-home mother vs business women (don’t all rush to step up to the plate now Macy’s, BB&B or Crate & Barrel), here are the top 4 kitchen registry items that are most unfriendly to a business-oriented bride:

1. Drip Filter Coffee Maker & Coffee Bean Grinder

The name alone denotes the need for a lot of time, time that busy brides-to-be do not have. Drip drop, tick tock. Coffee is considered the nectar of the business-savvy gods, but we don’t have much time to watch the coffee process in a smooth flowing stream. Not to mention if you overfill it, under coffee grind it, or accidently leave the coffee pot on in a rushed AM routine.

Instead, indulge yourself in a killer Keurig, which simply requires a K-cup, a coffee mug, and a bit of water. And don’t worry ladies, the Keurig turns itself off so you’ll never have to feel the impending doom of burning your own house down.

2. Box grater

I’ll admit, I have a box grater – my mother bought it for me as a house warming present when I moved in with the hubs. I take it out once a year – to shred potatos and onions for latkahs. And these things are a ***** to clean. I also never really know if I’m using the right grate size.

Instead, this year, we used a food processor to grind and shred our onions sans tears. And it worked like a charm. Invest in a food processor and forgo the time intensive, knucking slicing box grater.

3. Wishing well random spoons, spatulas, and the like

If there’s one thing a business-savvy bride-to-be does not have is time for disorganization. My parents have a killer junk draw at home where it takes me much precious time to dig for the correct utensil. After I find it, I have to wrestle with the other utensils to successfully extract it from beneath other utensils – call it a grown-up Operation. Hopefully other (sharp) utensils don’t go flying.

In place of the randomness, ask for an organized complete kitchen tool set, like the one pictured here, to help you stay organized and successfully navigate your post-wedding kitchen.

4. Deep Fryer

Yum yum, nothing says keep it real like your own personal fast food restaurant in the palm of your kitchen’s hand. As if your busy schedule doesn’t already beg you to give into fast food cravings – the convenience is astounding. But there is nothing convenient about deep flyers – what a pain to monitor and clean. And the probability of causing harm to you or your home with this lil monster is undeniable. Who has the time to watch a pot of oil boil, anyway?

Instead, a slow cooker may be the way to go. Much healthier than a deep fryer, this nifty lil tool allows you to throw it all together and walk away from your kitchen while you tend to the other items on your at-home to do list. Plus, clean up is easy-peazy lemon squeezy…simply wipe down the aluminum container and give a good scrub to the inner pot. Much better than cleaning multiple pots and pans for all that food.

While the Betty Crocker types can indulge in all these fantastical kitchen tools, us business-savvy brides need to be smart about our kitchen tools and find ways to build it into our busy lives, schedules, and health habits.

What other items are on the registry list that are business-savvy bride friendly or unfriendly?

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