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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Suffering from wedding information overload? Take David Tutera & MBA Bride Advice – 5 ways to find your bridal identity without feeling overwhelmed

Huffington Post featured an article on David Tutera, a celebrity wedding planner and star of “My Fair Wedding,” discussing an affinity for black brides and disappointment and frustration with Kim Kardashian’s marriage epic fail. “Don’t even get me started on that […] I was asked by my publicist to stop my rants about the wedding. They make me so angry, I get tongue twisted. I hated the wedding and I can’t stand her.”

Significantly more interesting than his dislike for Kardashian-frenzy or his alignment with black, white, yellow, purple or pink brides, David provides a crucial bit of advice for every bride. Recognizing that there is a lot of information available to brides (websites, blogs, books, TV shows), its easy to get overwhelmed. David suggests that brides think about their own identity before turning to wedding information sources. In particular, David says, “Try to go back to when we didn’t have all this information, and find out who you are. I think if you find out who you are and you realize what you want, then you can go look at the information, and find out what it is that you need, and not have the information dictate to you what your wedding should be.”

Business women are confident, well versed, and extremely self-aware. But what they may not be is aware of their identity as a bride. Perhaps wedding planning phobia comes from the fact that business-oriented brides have so many decisions to make outside of our wedding that they can’t make definitive decisions for their wedding.

So while I agree with David that we should find our own bridal identity, business-savvy brides may need some help in doing so. Business-savvy brides should take a similar approach as a market research firm which uses the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique. Put more simply, look at pictures.

Although ZMET suggests you don’t look at literal meanings for words, brides-to-be can pull literal images as inspiration because we’re not going to do a deep analysis. Instead, we’re looking for inspiration, for things that look cool, and for things that make us excited about our wedding.

Here are five sources you can find images to help you to identify your bridal identity:

  1. Wedding magazines. Typically, wedding magazines are the very first gift you receive from your mother, best friend, and/or sister when you get engaged. Before you dive into the articles and take the quizzes to understand “what kind of bride you are,” flip through the pages and find pictures that you find interesting. Don’t limit yourself to categories either – pull everything from wedding dresses to shoes, earrings to getaway cars. Pick those images that you think are cool and rip out or dog ear them for reference later.
  2. Google images. Perhaps even easier than wedding magazines are google images. Go to, then at the top of the page, click on the “images” tab.” From there, type in some words like “wedding,” “bride,” or more specific terms like “stunning wedding photos.” Have fun googling and find some pictures that you think look cool and copy and paste them for reference later.
  3. The Knot Website. A great storage house of visually stimulating wedding photos and images is Each day, the knot features a different category on their home page in a slide show format for brides everywhere to scroll through. Take screen shots or copy pictures that you think are cool.
  4. Etsy Weddings. One of my favorite websites to scroll through for ideas is Etsy’s wedding section. You can get page after page of inspirational ideas. Simply cut and copy those images that appeal to you. Again, don’t limit what you look at – check out everything that you think is fun.
  5. Wedding albums. Although you can look at official websites and major wedding publications, sometimes inspiration is close to home. An newly announced engagement is a perfect time to look through your mother’s, grandmother’s or friend’s wedding album for inspiration. I flipped through my grandmother’s wedding album and fell in love with an image of her and my grandfather looking through the back window of their getaway car, which told me a lot about the wedding I’d be planning.

These five ways to find images that you like can help you identify your bridal identity without being inundated with wedding information overload. Baby steps are key when you get engaged and if you get the beginning steps right, the remainder of the planning will be (wedding) cake. After all, every business woman knows a strong sense of self, bridal or not, is the key to success. 

What is your favorite source of bridal inspiration?

Picture Source: Sound Source Entertainment Blog

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