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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Pinterest Can't Possibly Replace Wedding Planners, Can It?

Pinterest can not replace wedding planners

Pinterest replacing wedding planners? An article from 33 TV out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area considers how Pinterest is impacting the wedding industry. Pinterest is an aspirational lifestyle tool that allows users to tag and mark images online using a virtual pin and pinboard. Brides love Pinterest for a number of reasons, but primarily because it allows them to visualize and share the images that inspires them.

But some brides who want to keep the budget under control think that Pinterest is the end all be all. Pinterest is a wonderful tool. Tons of fun. But, business-savvy brides should know that one free tool doesn’t replace the expertise of a wedding planner.

Here are 3 things that a wedding planner can do that Pinterest can’t:

  1. Guide you to the right vendors. There are a ton of wedding vendors to choose from and sometimes brides struggle to evaluate the qualities of a wedding vendor that make a difference. A wedding planner can guide you to the right vendors for your personality, wedding style, and budget quickly and effectively. 
  2. Execute your vision on your big day. You’ll be too busy to do it all. And after all, you are the star of the show. Just as you wouldn’t expect Scarlett Johansen to build and assemble the set of a movie she is starring in. the bride and center of attention should not be assembling flowers, photo booths, or similar items. It’s effective delegation at its finest.
  3. Give you the moral support you need. Pinterest, although great, doesn’t give you the interpersonal interactions needed to support you and your big day. Bouncing an idea off of a neutral third party is sometimes exactly what a bride needs to stay sane during her wedding planning experience. 

Let’s get this straight, ladies. Pinterest is a complimentary product to your wedding planner or day of coordinator. It is not a substitute for them. 

What other qualities does a wedding planner/day of coordinator offer that Pinterest could never put asunder?

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