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The MBA Bride | January 20, 2021

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The MBA Bride

8 ways to use your gown post wedding why you shouldn’t trash the dress


Businessmen and women know that there are some funny rules that apply to the business world sometimes. Often, business people scratch their heads and ask why we have to take certain actions.

But local business women were deeply disturbed … Read More

Be a Grateful Bride: 5 Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving


Business-savvy brides are always on the go, go, go, especially during the holidays. The holiday circuit can be exhausting and be yet another activity the busy bride must do. Might look like this: Kiss family, socialize, stuff face, sleep through the turkey … Read More

Protect the Bling: 3 Key Ways to Not Lose Your Engagement Ring


Some say its the most wonderful time of the year. It’s difficult to dispute. One thing that seems to be apparent is that many individuals get engaged around this time of year. What could be more romantic that a family-centric … Read More

How much will my wedding cost? 2 approaches to setting a wedding budget.


One of my very close friends got engaged 6 months ago. She is super excited and is taking her time in starting her wedding planning, shooting for a June 2013 wedding. She lives far from where she is planning to … Read More

What Your Wedding Is and Is Not


Define a wedding. What are some words you use? Some brides would argue heading down the courthouse with a bouquet of flowers and a boyfriend in tow qualifies as a wedding. Others need specific flowers, certain songs, or a Vera … Read More

Keeping Wedding Secrets: 3 Quips To Help Zip Your Lips


Would you walk up to Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, pen and paper in hand, and asked a Coke executive to give you the recipe for Coke’s syrup? How about if you went to McDonald’s and asked for the magic mix that … Read More