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The MBA Bride | May 10, 2021

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The MBA Bride

Plan Your Perfect Wedding – Tip # 1: Build Wedding Guest List


Hi everyone, Mattea here 🙂

I am back on finally!  And with the return, I am determined to provide my most comprehensive wedding planning guide to anyone who is need of planning your wedding.

Come visit and check out … Read More

How to Pick Wedding Shoes


Every bride wishes to look their best on their wedding day as well as feel comfortable for what they wear. This is because it would be a long day for a bride and a day filled with long periods of … Read More

A Military Wedding by the Beach


When Gail Cervantes and Rod Kurtz began planning their wedding in January 2000, they had no preconceived vision of what they wanted for their wedding. “What we did know was that we wanted to somehow incorporate military touches because Rod … Read More

Bride Says “I Do” to Four!


A month after Michelle Minerva became engaged to Michael Seyle in May 2000, she started the planning process for her wedding to take place on August 18, 2001. Her number one priority was ‘to make sure the girls felt included’. … Read More

Avoid These Wedding Planning Mistakes


San Diego Bride & Groom surveyed San Diego wedding planners and asked them to share what they think is the single biggest mistake most couples make in planning their weddings. Here’s what they said along with their suggestions for avoiding … Read More

Wedding Advice from A Couple Who’ve Walked Down the Aisle


We recently had a conversation with our friends, sharing with us about their wedding experience and some wedding advice.

Best Aspect of Our Wedding Reception:  It was a beautiful, sunny day in January with fantastic food and Irish dancers who … Read More