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The MBA Bride | July 27, 2021

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The MBA Bride

Hiring Your Bridesmaids? 7 Requirements of a Truly Fantastic Bridal Attendant


Often, brides don’t think critically about choosing their bridal party. Time and time again I hear horror stories of difficult, self-centered, arrogant bridesmaids. Not to say that brides don’t have less-than-brilliant moments, but bridesmaids should really make wedding planning more enjoyable for brides, … Read More

6 Unique Wedding Website Ideas


Pink silhouette among a crowd of gray silhouettes

In the era of the Internet age, brides-to-be often jump into creating a wedding website to provide guests with information about the weddings. All too often, brides-to-be first love it, then leave it to … Read More

Bridal Wit Part II of II: Why Are You Calling Me?! Being a Lean, Mean, Business Savvy Bride Machine.


As you get closer to your big day, you’ll find that more people will call, facebook, tweet, email , and write to you. There is a very strange but ever-present tendency for people to want to talk to you in greater … Read More

A Deeper Look at 2012’s 5 Best Budget-Savvy Trends for Brides on a Budget


Engagement Ring with Dollar Bills

With the recession and unemployment reaching peaks, many brides are more budget conscious than they’ve ever been before. In the past few years, we’ve all learned that within the blink of an eye, savings that … Read More

Empowerment 101: How to help other brides avoid bad wedding vendors


Community of Brides

As a bride, we all have felt powerless against a wedding vendor who has given us a bad experience.

Going to court for poor experiences doesn’t seem like an option – in most instances, the costs … Read More