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The MBA Bride | January 20, 2021

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The MBA Bride

3 Steps to personalizing a bridal shower


The best kind of bridal shower is a personalized one. At least, that’s what Lauren Cohen wrote in her article, Personalization is your best bet when it comes to a bride’s shower. After successfully planning my best friend’s shower, I … Read More

3 Business-savvy ways to create healthy relationships with wedding vendors


Business-savvy brides focus on vendor relationships while wedding planning. After all, entering into contracts and ensuring professional and satisfactory experiences come second nature to female business professionals.

Many of the prior blog posts focus on vendor relationships, from ensuring … Read More

3 problems a Pinterest Wedding Registry can solve


Pinterest Wedding Registry: Where the pinning possibilities are limitless

I am uncomfortable with wedding registries. In the past, I’ve tried to be creative, put my best foot forward and find things that I would like to register for. I even created a … Read More

5 essential elements of a wedding vendor contract


Bride & Groom Signing a Contract

Business professionals know that contracts are a part of every day business. While many lack law degrees, business pros take the time to read the contracts and understand all the nuances.

Much to … Read More

Marathoners Guide to Wedding Planning: 7 Traits of a Mentally Tough Bride


Brides running a race

Today, thousands of runners will toe the start line and ensue on one of the greatest accomplishments ever – they will run the Boston Marathon. I have a few friends running the race today. Among them is Alison Gray, … Read More

3 Bridal Strategies to Overcome Adversity


Obstacles only strengthen

your resolve

At various points in our life, we will have to overcome adversity. Business-savvy women know that the challenges in their life are no time to give in. Brides should know the same thing applies … Read More