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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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New Year’s Resolution for the Business-Savvy Bride: 12 changes for 2013

A few weeks ago, I sat with a friend and bride-to-be over beers at a local pub in Boston. When ordering dinner, my friend ordered substituted her french fries for fresh vegetables. When I complimented her on the healthy choice, she informed me that she is living out her 2012 New Years resolution. I was simply astounded that in mid December she was sticking to her 2012 New Years resolution.

Little did I know that she wasn’t on the 12-month plan: Her 2012 New Years resolution wasn’t a 12 month commitment to change one behavior, but a monthly commitment to change 12 different behaviors. She walked me through a few of the highlights to her year: The first month of the year was “no retail January,” when she didn’t shop in retail locations, the second month, was “no soda February” where she didn’t have any carbonated beverages, and so on through the last month, which was “fried-food no more December.”

For business-savvy brides, this seems unique and perfect. Being business oriented means that we know things change: throughout the year, targets change, organizations change, and we change. It doesn’t make sense to give one (or many) hard and fast resolution(s) that we try to stick to for a year, but realistically stick to for a week. Allowing your monthly New Years resolution to change with the times makes complete sense.

The best part of the bride-to-be changing her behavior on a monthly basis is that it allowed her to reflect on some of her previous behaviors and determine a better change for the future. Specifically, during no retail January, she and the future hubster wrote down on a white board some little things they wanted to buy from a retail store. The list is still on the white board without the product being in her house, making her realize she didn’t really need it in the first place. A more tangible side effect of one of her resolutions was that her desire to eat sweets declined when she committed to not drink soda in February.

This is a perfect plan for New Year’s resolutions for business-savvy, busy brides. Follow these five simple tips to make your “12 month resolutions in 2012” stick:

  1. Change your New Year’s resolution on the first of each month. Make your new month resolution something that you actively want to work on and that is directly applicable to your needs at that time.
  2. Make your New Year’s resolution specific. Saying you want to exercise isn’t specific enough…indicate that you will work out three times a week on the elliptical for a half hour each time gives you a specific resolution that you can manage for a month time frame.
  3. Get a partner in crime. Your BFF looking to change a behavior too? Talking about your monthly resolution will help you stay accountable and stick to your new commitment.
  4. Take time to reflect. Make sure you think about the side effects of your monthly resolution – like the bride who drank less soda and didn’t want to drink sweets. Holding up the mirror to see the changes as a result of your monthly resolution will help you to see the impact this change in behavior is having and find benefits to the change (perhaps making it more permanent).
  5. Reward yourself. Decide the best way to reward yourself for accomplishing your monthly resolution and indulge for a resolution well done. If you’ve worked out three times a week and shed some poundage, head over to Banana for that cute dress you saw a few weeks ago – you surely deserve it.

Business-savvy brides-to-be have a lot going on, but sticking with 12 different resolutions each month of the year can help each bride accomplish things for her wedding. Some cool resolutions for brides could include taking the stairs at least once a day (exercise), packing lunch instead of buying it for a month straight (eat right), writing thank yous to friends and family when they do something nice each time throughout the month, and even improving negotiating skills by asking for one thing a day in a negotiable way.

I need some help coming up with a few more ideas. Share your idea of a good monthly bridal resolution in the comments below.

Special thanks to Sheri for all of your insight.

Picture source: Anna’s costume blog, Lakefront wedding & events

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