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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Marathoners Guide to Wedding Planning: 7 Traits of a Mentally Tough Bride

Brides running a race

Today, thousands of runners will toe the start line and ensue on one of the greatest accomplishments ever – they will run the Boston Marathon. I have a few friends running the race today. Among them is Alison Gray, who’s love for running was featured prominently at her wedding. Go Alison, Go!

There’s something phenomenal about the characteristics of people who run marathons. As business-savvy brides, we may often hear the old adage, “its a marathon, not a sprint.” This overused phrase can also be applied to wedding planning. If we can invoke some of the inspirational characteristics of our marathoning friends, we’d probably all have a better planning experience.

JoAnn Dahlkoetter, PhD highlights the 7 Traits of Mentally Tough Runners in her Competitor article Let’s re-apply these qualities and come up with the 7 Traits of Mentally Tough Brides. They are as follows: 

  1. Resilience. Your bounce-back ability from trying circumstances and adversity. The mentally tough bride will recognize and admit to a mistake, learn something important from that mistake, and then focus on the next goal ahead.
  2. Focus. Your ability to focus on your wants and values for the wedding, despite distractions or unexpected circumstances. The mentally tough bride won’t avoid sticky situations, but she will address them in the right manner at the right time. If you have a b*tchy bridesmaid, knowing how to handle her and staying focused on your end goal will help you persevere any trying situation. And you’ll likely get to the alter with your sanity intact when you are mentally tough.
  3. Strength. Your ability to remain balanced, calm, and brilliant throughout all circumstances. The mentally tough bride is able to adequately balance her emotions with her rationality and respond appropriately to any situation (good or bad) that will test her emotions. Everyone will take cues from the bride and determine if the wedding planning process is serious, lackluster, disheartening, or a hell of a good time.
  4. Preparation. Work in = work out. Your ability to anticipate situations ahead of time and feel prepared for anything that might happen. For example, if you’re planning a wedding outdoors and the weather forecast calls for rain, you don’t panic. You have a plan B (and maybe C, D, and E) in place to help you stay calm, adjust your plans, and follow through with your vows.
  5. Vision. Your ability to keep create a clear picture of your goal, visualize it often, and keeps that image in the forefront of your mind. Your vision is as clear as a bell and you are able to imagine each step as it happens and have the steps in place to move from the ceremony to the cocktail hour, cocktail hour to the reception, and reception to the hotel with ease.
  6. Openness. Your ability to take other people’s viewpoints into mind and consider them as a possible alternative for yourself. The mentally tough brides listens and takes feedback without offense, knowing that some people may just know better than her. If your mother is more familiar with religious vows than you, just listen to what she has to say.
  7. TrustYour ability to believe in yourself, your decision, and your values. The mentally tough bride learns to trust her instinct, her plans, and her wedding influencers. You go with what you know and have faith that you selected the right people as your support system for planning and on your big day. You stay mentally tough and keep planning forward, even when you are overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated. You say, “every hot glue stick used is a step closer to my wedding day. I can do this.”

Regardless to where you are in your planning process, you can now become a mentally tough bride and give yourself the right characteristics for a successful planning process.

Which trait will you start working on? Which do you have on lock? Share in the comments below.

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