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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Keeping Wedding Secrets: 3 Quips To Help Zip Your Lips

Would you walk up to Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, pen and paper in hand, and asked a Coke executive to give you the recipe for Coke’s syrup? How about if you went to McDonald’s and asked for the magic mix that makes the fries taste oh-so yummy? If you said yes to these questions, you might be surprised when the business executives laugh and send you on your way. These executives know that the key to their success is keeping their most unique qualities a secret – it helps them to satisfy customers, stimulate demand for their products, and secure a unique position in the industry.
It’s tempting for brides to word-vomit everywhere and share all the planning escapades with everyone they know. But, the savviest of brides use the secret-keeping technique like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola to surprise guests and reduce stress. In not knowing what to expect, your guests will have fewer opportunities to build up their thoughts on what your day will look like and will be overjoyed when they experience your wedding. Keeping wedding details secret will also reduce stress. Time after time, I’ve heard stories of friends of the bride who are also getting married “stealing” their unique ideas and pissing the bride off. If you don’t share the details, there are no opportunities to get stressed.

If you’re a bride like me, it is extremely difficult to keep it all under wraps. I want nothing more than to tell everyone everything, especially because they approach me and ask for all the details. How can you stop the word-vomit? Try these three actions that help me: 

  1. Pick a limited amount of things to keep secret. It will be unbelievably difficult to keep everything hush-hush, so only pick a few details. You need to be discuss some elements of your wedding for conversations with people, so it’s important to share some information. You might choose to keep your wedding dress or the late night snacks that will give the guests fuel to keep dancing a secret. If people ask you about the super secret detail, say, “You’ll have to be there to find out.”
  2. Tell one good secret keeper. Your MOH, your groom, or even your mother might be best at keeping secrets, so make sure you divulge the fun details to someone who will keep their lips sealed. 
  3. Find an anonymous forum online to vet your ideas. The Knot, Wedding Wire, and even local wedding websites like Long Island Weddings all have forums where brides can connect with brides so you can find someone to share your brilliant ideas with other brides who will appreciate them, without telling your guests what will happen at your wedding. If you choose to do so, be sure you create an anonymous name for yourself – that way nosy guests and fellow brides can’t trace the comments back to you.

These three actions will help you to keep some things under wraps so your wedding can be as popular and memorable as the McDonald’s French Fry with a Coke.

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