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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Innovative wedding registries options for no-nonesense brides

Non Traditional Wedding Registries

Wedding registries aren’t the bane of my existance. Maybe one level up, but they’re pretty down there. If any reader has been slightly confused up to this point, allow me to be perfectly clear – I find registering to be the most tedious, rediculous, and absurd part of the wedding process. I get the benefits of registering: telling your guests what you really like, creating a wish list, etc. But I really find registering to be a pain in the rear end.

I vented about this issue in the Pinterest Wedding Registry post. The reason why I was so against registering was that I don’t know where I”m going to live post wedding, the items I wanted to register for were “un-registerable,” and its time consuming. To my surprise, I received a number of comments with helpful readers providing solutions to my challenges. I feel compelled to share them with you here.

1. Knack Registry

Knack Registry allows bridal couples (or anyone registering for gifts) to go with smaller, boutique like items that may not have ordinary registries. Knack does have a list of partner companies for their catalog, but allows you to go beyond the catalog with a simple tool on your favorites bar.  They encourage brides and grooms to register for traditional items, art items, honeymoon experiences, or even cash. Guests order the gift you designate on Knack, with which the bridal couple can elect to have it shipped, exchanged for cash, or have Knack hold it until you decide what to do. Knack Registry does have a 5% fee for any cash transactions.

2. Simple Registry

Simple Registry’s chief benefit is the simplicity in their technology. Allowing you to either consolidate other registries or build one registry, using their SimpleAdder applet or their mobile app allows you to mark or scan anything while in any store. Another great benefit is the ability to break larger purchases into smaller chunks, allowing for many guests to contribute toward the larger items. Simple Registry charges a service fee of 3.5% of the gifts value (or $35 one-time payment to eliminate this) and a transaction fee of of 3.5%, which you can pay for or your guests can cover for you.

3. Our Honeymoon Registry

Recognizing that the crystal ball conundrum plays a significant part in a couples decisions, Our Honeymoon Registry offers options on strictly enjoying a killer vacation where your guests can contribute (aka fund) your experiences. Just like you would register for a pretty set of pots, you can register for horseback riding on the beach in St. Croix and Aunt Sally can buy it for you. This site has a $99 one-time flat fee for registering couples.

4. Deposit a Gift

Deposit a Gift is a customizable cash registry offering the bride and groom the flexibility of not registering for things and instead for the cash to support their future lives. Instead of flat out asking for cash, bridal couples can help guests visualize what the money will be used for by registering for “theoretical gifts” like a front door knocker, doors for your home, or a kitchen range (all with associated dollar values, of course).  Guests contribute monetary gifts that go into a personal account which bridal couples can use to make purchases anywhere. Deposit A Gift also gives brides and grooms the option to create a website for their wedding. With this registry option, a 7.5% fee for the total amount of gifts purchased, which can either be absorbed by the bridal couple or passed onto guests.

These are great alternatives to the traditional registry route. Thank you to all of our fans who have commented and provided their suggestions for alternatives to a traditional registry.

Have ideas/suggestions for other unconventional registries? Experiences with one of these four? Share in the comments below.

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