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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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How to Pick Wedding Shoes

Every bride wishes to look their best on their wedding day as well as feel comfortable for what they wear. This is because it would be a long day for a bride and a day filled with long periods of standing and dancing. It is for this reason that to a bride, a good wedding shoe is next important thing to look at after a perfect wedding dress is picked.

So how to pick wedding shoes ?  Here are some tips:

Styles of Shoe: No doubt this aspect of your bridal wear will depend on your wedding dress. If you are adorning long gowns then they will cover most of the shoes whereas dresses with shorter hemlines will highlight your shoes. You can get these wedding shoes in satin, silk or velvet. They can be covered with trim and adornments like crystals, rhinestones or bows. You can even wear an open or closed shoe .

Two Pairs Of Shoes: There are brides who select two pairs of wedding shoes. On will be of high heels which they will wear at the ceremony and for part of the reception. They will later on change into their second pair of shoes having lower heels or are flat. After the dance is over, they will wear their flats or sandals for the rest of the evening. An excellent choice can be of open-toed sandals or even the ballet flats. If it is a beach wedding then flip-flops would definitely be an ideal footwear choice.

Color Choices: You should always keep in mind these your wedding shoes need be the of the traditional white color. Nowadays you can wear shoes which are silver, gold, gray, bronze and even black. What ever color shoe you adorn remember that white shoes matches the dress exactly, as there numerous shades of white. You can even wear coordinating shoes if your gown has touches of color. Fashionable brides can select their wedding shoes in a bright tone, such as red, purple or green, for a pop of color. However,  if you choose shoes which are of a neutral or bright shade you will be able to wear them again.

Another important factor to be kept in mind is that your footwear should be comfortable.If you are able to get a wedding shoe with a padded foot bed for maximum comfort and with some amount of traction on the bottom to avoid slipping and falling would be great. Another advice for you is that you should wear these shoes around the house to break them in before the wedding day.

Hence these are some simple tips on how to pick wedding shoes!