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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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How Dare They!! What To Do When Other Events Overshadow Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is the center of the world, right? I mean, those 200 guests must be squarely focused on you on your big day, right? After all, you’ve put year(s) of work into planning and it’s supposed to the biggest event of your life.

Yes, your wedding day may be the biggest event of your life. But beyond your world and the 200 guests that may be attending, there’s a whole wide world out there that has a lot going on. Take, for instance, Annie Owens, who’s Kentucky-inspired wedding day ended up on the same day as the NCAA Basketball Championship Final Four match-up. Or how about a Jay Z concert overshadowing your picturesque background? Just think of those poor brides who thought they would be princess for a day, only to be overshadowed by Kate Middleton’s globally covered nuptials? Or can it get even bigger with a NATO summit shutting down the city where your getting married?

Rest assure, weary bride, that if this happens to you, it is not fate picking on you. In fact, as you can see by the news articles I referenced above, it is a more common occurance than one would think. So what’s a bride to do?

There are a few things a bride must do when the world presents you with an obstacle like this:

1. Get Grounded. Yes, things may not be going as planned but it is not the end of the world. At the end of this party, you will still be a wife, with a husband, with a whole life of marriage ahead of you. Remember, its just one day and you will be OK. So rub your ears a little and repeat after me, “Wooooo-sah!”

2. Get creative. Instead of alienating an event from your big day, why not embrace it?If your college team makes it to championship playoffs, perhaps having a TV with news coverage over by the bar. Doing so will make it OK for your friends and family to stay updated while also toasting you. Giving them some “support the team” time should automatically reciprocate in “support the newlywed” time. Or, if you are struggling with a Jay Z concert creating a logistical nightmare for transportation, find alternatives, like renting buses, walking, or finding alternative pathways.

3. Get flexibleMost bridal planners will tell brides to simply reschedule around things like a NATO Summit or a Jay Z concert which can result in logistical nightmares for you and your guests. If this is a feasible option for you, then consider adjusting the times of your wedding to make sure both you and your guests have a good time and enough time to get from point A to point B.

Remember to stay calm, be positive and embrace your mental-toughness to overcome this challenge. Besides, it’ll make a great story for the grand-kids one day. So chin up!

Know someone who faced a big event on the same day as their wedding? If so, share how the bride or groom dealt it in the comments below.

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