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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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How can you breakthrough the boring bridal shower gift trend?

Different bridal shower gift

Bridal shower gifts can be so blase. There’s nothing like hearing the bride shout, “Oh, my sheets that I picked out for Bed, Bath, and Beyond” or “Yes, my crock pot!” over the sound of clinking utensils on flatware and murmurs of guests. Although we knowI am against registries, let’s be real: these gifts are blah.

If you’re a guest who is a firm believer in the power of registries, then plucking already-expected items off of a wish list may be the route for you. But, if you’re really close to the bride and/or if you’re in the bridal party, you’re thinking, “what can I do to really wow the bride?”

I’m going to take a risk here and need some help from my readers. I’m going to leave this post open ended for readers to help brainstorm some amazing, personalized bridal shower gifts for the Bride-To-Be. I’ll start with three shower gifts I’ve seen or heard about, then need you to contribute your creative bridal shower gifts the comments please!

1. Personalized Stationary Done Right. Someone very close to me told me about a personalized thank you card note set for the bridal shower, but amped up on steroids. Not only had this bridesmaid ordered customized thank yous to help the bride in her hand-cramping, gracias-giving escapade post bridal shower, but she also went a step further and addressed all the envelopes and even bought and stuck on customized stamps. This is an adorable, highly personalized gift that any busy-bee bride-to-be would drool over, fo’ sho’.

2. Honeymoon Pack. At my best friend’s bridal shower, one of the bridesmaids stocked her well for her honeymoon. Filling a back pack with towels, lotions, sun glasses, and bathing suit bags will have the bride and groom thinking of you on their first days as a married couple. Be sure to customize the pack for the honeymoon. Case in point, an Alaskan honeymoon may not warrant warm weather items. The bride will shout with joy, not only at your thoughtfulness, but at the fact that its one less thing she has to do to prepare for her honeymoon.

3. Artwork Like None Other. A great gift for the bride-to-be can revolve around the special words that mean a lot to her. Let’s say she has her vows written out. Or even if she has her wedding song selected. You can use a word cloud generator like Tagxedo to turn words into a visually stunning word cloud shapes with words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence. You can have the word cloud saved, printed, and framed for the bride to hang in her new home.  

4. Your turn…

This is an open-ended post. Please share a really creative, cute, and fun bridal shower gift that you have seen or heard about.

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