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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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How are your calligraphy skills? 4 Steps To Finding the Perfect Invitation (& Invitation Designer)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be really good at everything? I’ve always wanted to be that person that knows the answers to all the trivia questions, how to build a shed, and how to make a killer stew. Sigh…I can not be great in everything.

A-type business women are probably more aware of where we (think we) suck opposed to where we are amazing. As a busy bee, it’s easy to focus on your deficiencies rather than where you excel. Same thing goes for business-savvy brides: we can not always invoke the spirit of Martha Stewart and bake our own wedding cake, decorate our own reception hall, and make our own invitations. 

Fact of the matter is that we must, MUST rely on experts to help us. Many brides may not have the calligraphy or paper knowledge to create a beautiful, insightful wedding invitations that convey the tone, quality, and love of your wedding. For that, we rely on experts, too.

One such expert is Dayna Biscof, better known as the Calligraphy Lady. To tout her brilliance and creativity, Dayna has been featured in “The Knot,” “Martha Stewart Weddings” and “CosmoBride.” As a result of her 10 years of experience, Dayna authors online articles such as “How To Assemble Wedding Invitations” and blog posts such as Fabulous Wedding Invitations. Dayna is an expert in invitations, calligraphy, and monograms and connecting with someone like her reassures any bride that they are in the best and most capable hands.

After speaking with Dayna, I’ve come to some conclusions about how a bride can select an invitation designer. Prior to selecting your invitation designer and invitations, you should think through the following 4 questions:

    1. What is your wedding invitation to you? Is your wedding invitation simply a piece of paper with party details, is it something that you want your guests to have fun with, or is it something you intend to look back on later in life? The invitation sets the tone of your wedding, so what is it that you want to convey to your guests? Dayna’s expertise is in helping those brides who want their invitation to be a treasured keepsake for the rest of their lives. Make sure you hire a invitation designer who understands what you want from your invitation and can sufficiently provide what you want.


    1. What are you willing to tradeoff? “Invitation bells and whistles such as bows, pocketfolds, and appliques are trendy, however paper quality may sometimes be sacrificed with these invitations”, says Dayna. As such, brides should decide what is most important to you up front, then be willing to sacrifice those things that are less important.
    2. What type of experience do you want? Some invitation houses can pass you from person to person as you work through your invitation design, whereas other boutiques have you working with only one person. Dayna recommends working with one invitation designers who has expertise in etiquette, paper choice, personalization. “Enjoy the experience as much as you would selecting your dress,” says Dayna.
    3. Will they show you samples? There are horror stories of brides were dupped because they missed one critical step: looking at samples before they buy. Business-savvy brides know they must do all their homework before they fork over the cash. The way an invite looks on the computer may not actually be how it looks in real life, so make sure you completely and thoroughly do your research. Reputable invitation houses will always provide you with samples – its one way to sift the mud from the gold.


Following these four steps will help you find and hire a wedding invitation designer that fits your personality and your wedding perfectly.

For more information on Dayna Bischof and her invitation expertise, be sure to visit her website, or email her at

Tell us in the comments below: what does your wedding invitation mean to you?

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