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The MBA Bride | September 21, 2021

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Guide to Making Wedding Toasts

Guide to Making Wedding Toasts

When it comes to wedding toasts, often times people fumble over the proper things to include in it, and thus sometimes end up embarrassing themselves or the couple. In addition, there might be certain guidelines as to who starts off first, and who finishes, that will often be determined by the couple. With that said, we wanted to give our reader a guide to making wedding toasts; to help them to be a success in the next wedding ceremony they are a part of, and asked to provide these certain words towards the bride and groom.

When it comes to giving a wedding toast, the best way to ensure your not going to say something inappropriate, is to first off write it out in advance. Furthermore, read it over and over a few times, to practice how it sounds and comes across when read out loud. The last thing you want to do, is insult the bride, or the groom in front of their guests.

While it is appropriate to include a past event that perhaps you shared together, if your the best man, the speech itself should still come across as fun, light hearted, and of course in the g rated category. Additionally, try to avoid saying too many ramblings, you want to instead keep the wedding toast down to perhaps 2 minutes in length. Keep in mind that there are going to be others that participated in the ceremony that are also going to be giving toasts to the couple, so you want to rehearse your lines, and be certain your being fair to them as well.

Wedding toasts, are the ideal way in which you can share your best memories of the couple, and express the best of wishes for them while they are starting out on this beautiful journey together. For that reason, our next tip would be when creating your toast towards the couple try to include everything you always wanted the both of them to know. In addition, don’t forget to actually look directly at the couple while your speaking, and toast to them at the end of your speech.

When the time comes to giving your speech, it might be a bit difficult to give it if everyone else within the room is still talking amongst themselves. However, you can get everyone’s attention, simply by tapping on the side of a glass, until the room begins to take notice. Once you have concluded the words you want to say, raise your glass to instruct the room to follow you in toasting the happy couple.

With that said, before the actual day of the wedding, the bride and groom, should discuss exactly who they want to have as designated speakers. In addition, some couples want only the brides maids, the best man, and of course both sides of the couples parents to give toasts. While others, will not set a limit on who can speak, and allow everyone who wants to give their own wedding toasts the opportunity to do so.

However, keep in mind that sometimes guests can get out of control, and could possibly ruin what, up to that point was actually a beautiful and memorable occasion. For that reason, taking the time to review the guest list in advance, and make this crucial selection, can prove to be essential to saving the day in some cases. Furthermore, when doing the rehearsal dinner, you could have the speakers to provide a smaller audience to ensure the words being said will not offend anyone who will be attending the actual wedding.

When it comes to the wedding toast, for some people this could be very difficult for them to complete properly. However, if the person will take some time to write out their toast, or have someone write it out for them in advance, it could often help them to ensure the speech will come across in the best light possible. Finally, include words that have a true meaning to both the bride and groom regardless if you only know one of them and not both, as this toast is meant to wish them both a fresh and happy new beginning together as a couple.

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