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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Gratitude that hits the wallet: Help favorite wedding vendors grow

Bride Watering A Plant

Love your vendor? Then help their business grow!

When a vendor brings comfort to a bride on her wedding day, is proactive, and does quality work, bridal couples need to show their love. Thank you notes are kind, but the best way to show your gratitude is to help the vendor grow their businesses.

A few weeks ago, I asked wedding vendors to tell me how brides can earn their vendor’s respect. Now, let’s flip the question on its head and ask vendors how brides can show gratitude for a job well done.

Here are 3 great ways to show your vendors that you love the work they do and help them grow the business:

1. Online Reviews

Maureen C., a Boston-based photographer, and Anne L., a Providence-based DJ, agree that a positive online review are the preferred method for a bridal couple to show their gratitude because online reviews are a trusted referral source for brides. Kim M., a Detroit-based florist, suggests that brides take this one step further by making the vendors aware of your positive online review. In particular, Kim M. said, “It’s great that the client is appreciative and praises the vendor […] but if the vendor doesn’t know about it or hear or read it themselves, it’s like the proverbial tree in the forest analogy (if you didn’t witness it, or in this case hear it, see it, or get notified of it, did it really happen?).”

2. Send images from your event

If your florist did a stunning job on your centerpieces, your DJ did an outstanding job lighting up your reception room, or if your photo booth vendor was exceptionally kind to your guests, you can show your gratitude by sending some pictures of you and the hubs interacting with the vendor or the vendor’s products at your wedding. Just like brides are hooked to Pinterest, they are also hooked to images in a portfolio. By sending a vendor a pic of you interacting with their work at their wedding, you are helping them to add content to their portfolio.

3. Refer a friend

Most brides know another bride for whom they share stories, obtain information, and bond with. You may meet another bride at a bridal show, or you may have a friend whose wedding is on the heels of your own. If you adore your vendor, refer the bride-friend to your favorite vendor with a compelling statement of why the vendor is amazing. Ellen Cara R, a Denver-based florist said, “I thrive on word-of-mouth referrals. When a bride asks for a second business card – to pass along – that’s a wonderful tip! Typically, leads to another good fit (simpatico)!!”

Thank you cards and verbal gratitude hit the vendor in the heart (in a good way). But business-savvy brides can show their gratitude in a way that hits the vendor in the wallet. Give your wedding everlasting life in the hearts, minds, and wallets of your vendors by helping your best vendors to grow their business.

What other ways can you help a phenomenal wedding vendor grow their business?

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