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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Find Your Wedding Style

Every bride has a different style. And every style has many different ways it can be described. The decision about wedding style typically comes after you have gotten over the initial excitement of being engaged and you’ve given some thought to what you want for your wedding. before you have formulated your wedding planning strategy, but after you have given thought to your  When I hear brides-to-be talk about the different styles, I feel like my head spins around on my shoulders. I wish there was a guide to this foreign language!
A great example of a mockery of this is my favorite wedding video, “Sh*t Brides Say.” Go ahead and watch it below. Pay particular attention to 0:12 to 0:20, where the bride-to-be throws out a whole mess of useless terms to describe her wedding.

As funny as this is, the words she throws around are sort of scary if you have no clue what they mean. I suppose that’s part of the humor of the pointless banter.

In business, you can typically construct a two-by-two matrix to help make sense of a complicated situations. So why not use it here? See the image below:

2×2 matrix for defining your wedding style

The horizontal axis shows the time-style that you would like to feature in your wedding – do you want to appear traditional (you’re an old soul living in a new world) or are you a bit more modern, even futuristic? The vertical axis shows the atmosphere you’d like to have at your wedding – do you want your guests to feel like they’re attending a formal event or that they’re at a backyard BBQ?

I’ve categorized the different styles using the time and atmosphere inspiration. Some styles can probably be applied in more than one spot on these two axes, but this is a good rule of thumb to get your started.

So, where do you fall on this map?

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