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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Engagement photoshoot coming up soon? 5 great props for your photo session

Tomorrow, my fiance and I are taking our engagement photos. Our amazingly creative and talented photographer, Debbie from North Island Photography, suggested we keep our eyes peeled for props to use in our photoshoot. Uh oh…PROPS?!?!? As a busy business-oriented bride, I barely have time to clean my engagement ring, let alone search for props. What’s a business-savvy, busy-bee bride to do? It’s called low-hanging fruit, my friends. This business term means obtaining the best result with minimal effort. Think of it like this: a banana tree has lots of bananas on it, from the tippy top of the tree to the lowest branches. Some of those branches are within reaching distance. Although the fruit on the lower branches may not be as good as the fruit on the top branches, it is still delectable and much easier than getting a ladder and climbing to the top.

Now that you know the business concept, let’s put it in practice. Here are five great items you can use as low-hanging fruit props for your engagement photoshoot:

    1. Sunglasses. My MOH, Liz, who is also getting married, went with her hubster, Yianni, to get some super cute aviators right before their photoshoot. They both wanted new glasses for some time and taking engagement photos was a perfect excuse to get them. But you don’t have to buy new; you can simply use your favorite pair and bring to the shoot with you.
    2. Scarves or hats. Brightly colored scarves, hats, and mittens can transform an outfit from OK to adorable in a matter of seconds…and the camera loves it. Don’t forget your partner: if your hubster looks pinchable in that fedora you bought last year, encourage him to bring it for the photoshoot.
    1. Chalkboard. Although I don’t foresee you having a chalkboard laying around in your apartment, a quick stop at Target or Walmart should result in a mini chalkboard where you can write cute things spontaneously at the photoshoot. Or, you can let your photographers creative juices flow by writing some pithy phrases to be featured in the photos.
    2. &. The ampersand (official word for &) can be wedged between you and the hubster for an adorable image for the photographer to capture. An oversized, three dimensional ampersand should be easy enough to obtain at a local home decorating store, like Homegoods.
  1. Books. If you and the hubster are bookworms, this is a great time to feature you absolute favorite books. Hardcover books with the plastic covering removed looks absolutely adorable and vintagey. But even if you’re not a bookworm, you can get really creative with some innovative titles , like the picture featured here of the “Dangerous book for boys/girls.”

These five ideas should identify some low-hanging fruit props to personalize and cute-ify your engagement shoot.

What other props are perfect for engagement shoots? Share your ideas in the comments to help other brides.

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