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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Don’t panic, it’s just the wedding planning quiet period

The Quiet Period of Wedding Planning
For the past month, wedding planning has been quiet. Eeringly quiet.

When thing quieted down at first, I was thinking something was wrong. I had booked all of my vendors, had six months to go, and felt like I was doing nothing. Nor was I really even motivated to plan more. I felt exhausted. Staring at a blank wall was like Katniss putting that magic jelly on her burn in The Hunger Games…instant relief.

But I was concerned. Shouldn’t I be powering through? Shouldn’t I be enthused to work on the little things that would make my wedding unique? My bestest, who is getting married 7 weeks to the day before me, was experiencing the same thing. Was it us?

Low and behold, I had entered the “quiet period.” My wedding planner comforted me and told me that this was perfectly natural in the wedding planning process. So, dear business-savvy brides, let me ease your mind and share with you what the pros at A Modern Day Affair told me.

What is the “Quiet Period?”

The quiet period typically occurs for brides who plan their wedding one year or more in advance. After all major vendors have been booked, the quiet period is when brides take a moment to relax, assess the work they’ve done so far, and gather energy for the next round of planning.

Why does the “Quiet Period” happen?

Brides expel a lot of energy in researching, interviewing, and evaluating vendors. Then, brides have to evaluate their options, pour over contracts, pay installments, and get very organized. This takes a tremendous amount of energy. To restore their focus, brides must take a step back, restore their energy, and prepare for the next leg in planning.

How long does the “Quiet Period” last?

Depending on your wedding timeline and your personal preference, the quiet period can last a week to a few months.

What should brides do during the “Quiet Period?”

Brides should do very un-bridal like things during their quiet period. Not only will it help them to keep their bridal sanity, but taking a break from wedding planning will help them to re-focus on wedding planning after the period. Exercising, reading a book for fun, and catch up with friends (no wedding talk allowed) are all great activities for the quiet period.

Now that you know what it is, how to diagnose it, and what to do with it, enjoy your quiet period when it arrives.

What do you plan to do with your quiet period? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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