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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Creating Your Wedding Vision From Scratch w/ The Creative Wedding Brief

Ever wonder how a simple idea pops into the heads of some brides and manifests itself as a beautiful, cohesive, united look on the wedding day? Me too.

It’s clear that just like a seed is the beginning for a gigundo tree in a forest, I think a small idea can spur a beautiful wedding.

I’m reading a case study on Mountain Dew for this week’s branding class. One of the exhibits in the case features a creative brief. When I say brief…I mean shortest short series of statements you’d ever see. In 500 words or less, Mt Dew was able to tell it’s creative agents (advertisers, copy writers, designers, etc) what the goal of their advertising is, how they want the brand positioned, their target market, the product/emotional benefits, and the personality of the brand. A wedding is a brand of sorts, so why shouldn’t it have a creative brief?

Bridal bewilderment can subside with a creative wedding brief. The creative wedding brief should focus on the results and outcomes of the wedding design and your priorities for your wedding. In the creative wedding brief, you can try to identify the aesthetics of design, but be flexible to vendor suggestions. In case this point wasn’t clear before, it’s brief. Short. Succinct. No run ons, lengthy statements, or long-windedness allowed. The briefer, the better.

The benefits are this: First, if you’re hiring a number of vendors, the creative wedding brief will help them to all be consistent in their approach. Second, the vendors will understand what it is that you are looking for quickly. And they will be impressed, especially if you remain flexible and receptive to their ideas on how to make it better. Third, as you hire each vendor, you can revise your creative wedding brief so that your ideas and the suggestions that you accept from vendors can fine-tune your vision; you will start to see your dream wedding coming true.

If you’ve never seen or heard of a creative brief before, you can download a creative wedding brief here off of my google docs page. This creative wedding brief will help you, the business-savvy bride, make sure your vendors are aligned with your vision. So copy, print, download, etc and make your dreams come true.

Remember, keep it short and be flexible to the suggestions of your vendors. They know their stuff and will help your dreams come true.

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