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The MBA Bride | May 10, 2021

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Wedding Planning Tips

Pinterest Can't Possibly Replace Wedding Planners, Can It?


Pinterest can not replace wedding planners

Pinterest replacing wedding planners? An article from 33 TV out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area considers how Pinterest is impacting the wedding industry. Pinterest is an aspirational lifestyle tool that allows users to tag and … Read More

Things Bride Shouldn't Say When Negotiating


5 Things Brides Should Never Say When Negotiating

Negotiating with wedding vendors is much like negotiating in the business world. If you negotiate for salary, for a business contract, or anything else in life, you know there are some essential … Read More

6 Unique Wedding Website Ideas


Pink silhouette among a crowd of gray silhouettes

In the era of the Internet age, brides-to-be often jump into creating a wedding website to provide guests with information about the weddings. All too often, brides-to-be first love it, then leave it to … Read More