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The MBA Bride | July 17, 2019

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Wedding Planning Tips

Building Wedding Sentimentality: 3 techniques for inviting people to help you make your wedding unique


With 11 months to go until my own wedding, I’ve been thinking a lot about the countdown and how limited my time is to finish planning. While reflecting, I began to think of how I can really make the wedding unique, which … Read More

Wedding Website Platforms Demystified


Too Many Wedding Website Options

You can help but ask yourself which is the best wedding website platform for you. I’m sure your anxious to implement an absurdly adorable and creative wedding website idea. And there are a ton of … Read More

Wedding Website: Does every bride need one?


Bride in veil and dress on a laptop Do you have a wedding website? Why?

Struggling to answer the question? Read on.

Nicole Ames, a professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and owner of Twist IMC, says that many companies create … Read More

What to do about Wedding Invitation Etiquette Co-Workers


A class water cooler scene

Inviting co-workers to your wedding is tricky. When I first started planning my wedding, one of my co-workers told me, “invite who you want to your wedding from work and don’t invite those that you don’t … Read More

5 questions to ask the reception venue about seating


By: Julia Damon, Social Tables

With all the other planning details coming your way, you couldn’t possibly think of everything in advance to ask the venue about your big day. No worries, we have put together 5 questions that you … Read More

3 problems a Pinterest Wedding Registry can solve


Pinterest Wedding Registry: Where the pinning possibilities are limitless

I am uncomfortable with wedding registries. In the past, I’ve tried to be creative, put my best foot forward and find things that I would like to register for. I even created a … Read More