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The MBA Bride | July 17, 2019

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Wedding Planning Tips

5 Project Management Requirements for a Successful Wedding Plan


Project Manage Your Wedding

A key skill used in planning a wedding is project management. For that reason, I decided to make my final MBA course project management and started last week. On the surface, the course seems like “Much … Read More

3 Ways To Cool the Wedding Planning Jets: Chief Information Officers and Vice Presidents Weigh In On Life Balance


On Saturday, I attended the Boston University’s Women’s MBA Assocation’s 4th Annual Conference. After lunch, I attended the Technology panel, which featured five successful female CIOs and Vice Presidents were sitting at the front of this room.

After the two … Read More

5 steps for effectively delegating while wedding planning


The bride is the wedding CEO. Just like employees look to a CEO, people involved with the wedding will look to the bride for her opinion, blessing, and attention. The bride is the boss and with that comes all the rights, privileges, and … Read More

5 Ways to Build Unique Heritage Wedding


If you’re like me, you’re kind of tired of the typical wedding themes. My suggestion: instead of new and different, go old and different. Robert Fulghum wrote in All I Really to Know I Learned in Kindergarten the following: We take … Read More

Formulating Your Wedding Planning Strategy


When planning her wedding, a bride uses inspiration from a number of different sources: TV shows (Four Weddings, anyone?), movies (who doesn’t love the decor from My Best Friend’s Wedding), and even old pictures.  But without a general understanding of how she is … Read More

What's influencing your wedding decisions? See the 5 wedding forces model


Business-savvy brides-to-be have a number of people, places, and things influencing their decisions in wedding planning. As a bride planning my own wedding, I find it very important to be aware of the different people that influence my decisions. Staying aware of … Read More