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The MBA Bride | May 10, 2021

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Wedding Planning Tips

Bridal Wit Part I of II 3 Reasons Why Family, Friends, Vendors Help (or Don’t Help) You


One business school course taught me more about people and life than any other one I’ve taken – Information & Technology Strategies. Despite the fact that this course has a tedious title, it was fun and applicable. In particular, I’ve applied two … Read More

3 ways to take more photos at your wedding


Former brides re-live their wedding by looking at the pictures that where taken on the day they got married. Future brides recognize that their photos will help them to recall the memories and will sink thousands of dollars into photographers. That’s … Read More

6 ways to tell that the bride needs a break from wedding planning


The Quiet Period of wedding planning is an interesting time. Characterized by the bride’s lack of enthusiasm for continuing wedding planning, the wedding planning quiet period occurs just after all major vendors have been secured and before the nitty-gritty details … Read More

5 Business Savvy Steps When Engaged


Congratulations to all the new brides to be out there. Facebook post after Facebook post shows many future brides were gifted with an engagement ring this holiday season – and let the wedding planning commence! 

If you’re newly engaged or … Read More

Be a Grateful Bride: 5 Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving


Business-savvy brides are always on the go, go, go, especially during the holidays. The holiday circuit can be exhausting and be yet another activity the busy bride must do. Might look like this: Kiss family, socialize, stuff face, sleep through the turkey … Read More

3 must-haves for your wedding website


It seems like there are an unlimited amount of wedding website platforms that brides-to-be can use to create a customized wedding websites. Options from Wedding Wire, The Knot, eWedding, Wedding Jojo, and even Google Weddings provide a bride with more options that she … Read More