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The MBA Bride | May 10, 2021

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Wedding Planning Tips

Avoid These Wedding Planning Mistakes


San Diego Bride & Groom surveyed San Diego wedding planners and asked them to share what they think is the single biggest mistake most couples make in planning their weddings. Here’s what they said along with their suggestions for avoiding … Read More

Wedding Advice from A Couple Who’ve Walked Down the Aisle


We recently had a conversation with our friends, sharing with us about their wedding experience and some wedding advice.

Best Aspect of Our Wedding Reception:  It was a beautiful, sunny day in January with fantastic food and Irish dancers who … Read More

Ten Reasons to Hire A Wedding Planner


If you are not sure if you can plan a perfect wedding of yours or if you are not sure if you want to handle all sort of stresses, or if you are short of time of planning your big … Read More

Best tips for the Bride to Reduce Stress


Everyone is excited to see the bride at her wedding. Guests may want to see how beautiful she looks in her white dress and covered her face with her veil. Bride is the center of attention and what … Read More

Wedding Toasts Etiquette


Raise the glass, it is time to propose a toast to the happy couple! Wedding toasts and speeches can sometimes cause anxiety but don’t let them. Enjoy the moment you become the focus of attention, and make the … Read More

Best wedding tips for brides


Marriage is the dream of many women are really trying to accomplish. They want red carpet Church and exchanged marriage vows with men they love. Weddings are a lot of women as a great event in their lives. … Read More