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The MBA Bride | September 21, 2021

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Wedding Planning Tips

Guide to Making Wedding Toasts


When it comes to wedding toasts, often times people fumble over the proper things to include in it, and thus sometimes end up embarrassing themselves or the couple. In addition, there might be certain guidelines as to who starts off … Read More

How to Select a Wedding Song


When it comes to planning the wedding, the question of how to select a wedding song is actually crucial for the bride and groom to think about. In addition, these particular melodies, will always hold a special place inside of each of … Read More

Hawaii Wedding Planning


How do you do Hawaii Wedding Planning

A Hawaii wedding can be a beautiful and magical experience. If you have ever dreamed of getting married on a picture perfect beach Hawaii is the best place to do it. So how … Read More

Ultimate Guide on Wedding Flowers Ideas


Since many brides decide that their wedding day flowers are one of their highest priorities, and thus choose to devote a larger part of their budget toward this area, I would like to show you some of the money saving … Read More

Simple Wedding Planning Checklist


One of the key success to wedding planning is to plan around activities that are grouped under the same time frame that you want to accomplish over the course of planning.  A simple wedding planning checklist can help you significantly … Read More

Plan Your Perfect Wedding – Tip # 1: Build Wedding Guest List


Hi everyone, Mattea here 🙂

I am back on finally!  And with the return, I am determined to provide my most comprehensive wedding planning guide to anyone who is need of planning your wedding.

Come visit and check out … Read More