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The MBA Bride | May 10, 2021

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Wedding Money Matter

Unconventional Bridal Registry Part 1 of 3: 3 Steps to Brainstorming The Perfect Wedding Registry For You


My fiance and I currently live in an apartment. It’s clean, cozy, and suitable for now. Our apartment is furnished with our friend’s furniture – couch, kitchen table, chairs, coffee table, and TV stand. After we’re married and we no longer have our friend’s furniture, … Read More

3 Business-savvy ways to create healthy relationships with wedding vendors


Business-savvy brides focus on vendor relationships while wedding planning. After all, entering into contracts and ensuring professional and satisfactory experiences come second nature to female business professionals.

Many of the prior blog posts focus on vendor relationships, from ensuring … Read More

5 essential elements of a wedding vendor contract


Bride & Groom Signing a Contract

Business professionals know that contracts are a part of every day business. While many lack law degrees, business pros take the time to read the contracts and understand all the nuances.

Much to … Read More

A Deeper Look at 2012’s 5 Best Budget-Savvy Trends for Brides on a Budget


Engagement Ring with Dollar Bills

With the recession and unemployment reaching peaks, many brides are more budget conscious than they’ve ever been before. In the past few years, we’ve all learned that within the blink of an eye, savings that … Read More

Empowerment 101: How to help other brides avoid bad wedding vendors


Community of Brides

As a bride, we all have felt powerless against a wedding vendor who has given us a bad experience.

Going to court for poor experiences doesn’t seem like an option – in most instances, the costs … Read More