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The MBA Bride | May 10, 2021

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Wedding Money Matter

Hiring vendors? 3 biz-savvy approaches to vendor evaluation


Source: Red Coral Weddings

As the bride to be, there is so much ladies have to do to plan the wedding. The knot rattles off the responsibilities like it’s no biggie. But the fact of the matter is that accomplishing … Read More

Understanding the 7 Steps Wedding Vendor Sales Process


Did you know your wedding vendors take you through a sales process? Those words may sound scary, but don’t be frightened. All MBA Brides know that knowledge is power, so business-savvy brides should understand the sales process. I’m a big … Read More

Rent the Wedding Runway: Stylish wedding attire on a budget


Rent The Runway Goes Bridal

When I first got engaged, my father, being the practical man that he is, suggested that I rent my wedding gown. He thought that my mother keeping her dress stored in a box for 30 years … Read More

Wedding Theft: 4 ways the Business-savvy bride can protect her wedding assets


Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from the mistakes of others?

This person stole from the bride and groom at their church rehearsal

An article out of Des Moines, Washington highlights the sad, sad truth…brides … Read More

Briderial Accounting: Budgeting Like a Pro for the Big Day


One of my least interesting MBA classes was Accounting {yawn}. Luckily, the professor was clear and kind in class; good thing, because otherwise I would have dropped that sucker like a hot cake. Nevertheless, as a core class I had to take it.

The … Read More

Gratitude that hits the wallet: Help favorite wedding vendors grow


Bride Watering A Plant

Love your vendor? Then help their business grow!

When a vendor brings comfort to a bride on her wedding day, is proactive, and does quality work, bridal couples need to show their love. Thank you notes are kind, … Read More