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The MBA Bride | January 24, 2021

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Keep your eyes on the prize: 3 crucial questions to set your wedding vision


Your vision for your wedding is most likely the most crucial element of wedding planning. Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is a fabulous book that applies to business and weddings as much as it does life in … Read More

3 Strategies for Brushing Up on Bridal Etiquette


Let’s deviate from our typical discussion of bridezillas and business school rhetoric to examine how workplace learnings can apply to bridal planning. In particular, how we approach office politics should be like approaching bridal etiquette. Let’s start with two stories. Story … Read More

Embracing Your Inner Creative Bride: 4 Brainstorming Techniques


Have you ever heard of a triple threat celebrity? The best example of one is Jennifer Lopez. A triple threat celebrity has acting, dancing, and singing skills. In business, I think there are triple threat professionals. Professionals that are creative, analytical, … Read More

How are your calligraphy skills? 4 Steps To Finding the Perfect Invitation (& Invitation Designer)


Wouldn’t it be nice to be really good at everything? I’ve always wanted to be that person that knows the answers to all the trivia questions, how to build a shed, and how to make a killer stew. Sigh…I can not … Read More

Avoiding the cough, sneeze, sniffle: 4 ways to avoid bugs when you’re a bride


Cough. Sneeze. Sniffle. All three sounds are not what you need to hear while you’re planning your wedding. But unfortunately, flu season is upon us and many brides get sick, especially because our stress level is higher when planning a … Read More

How can you breakthrough the boring bridal shower gift trend?


Different bridal shower gift

Bridal shower gifts can be so blase. There’s nothing like hearing the bride shout, “Oh, my sheets that I picked out for Bed, Bath, and Beyond” or “Yes, my crock pot!” over the sound of clinking … Read More