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The MBA Bride | January 24, 2021

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Bride & Bridesmaids

To boudoir or not to boudoir, that is the question


Gut instinct check: Would you take boudoir photos? … Yes or No?… …Decide your answer before you read on…

An Argument for Yes

Amy Haberland makes a case for why boudoir photos are perfectly acceptable for brides-to-be in her article, … Read More

Carpe Bri-diem: 5 Things To Do During The Groom’s Bachelor Party


It’s almost taboo for a bride-to-be to discuss her feelings towards her hubster’s bachelor party. Most of the time, we’re either expected to be so vehemently against it or to just “let them loose” for a last chance of…who knows. … Read More

What Your Wedding Is and Is Not


Define a wedding. What are some words you use? Some brides would argue heading down the courthouse with a bouquet of flowers and a boyfriend in tow qualifies as a wedding. Others need specific flowers, certain songs, or a Vera … Read More

Keeping Wedding Secrets: 3 Quips To Help Zip Your Lips


Would you walk up to Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, pen and paper in hand, and asked a Coke executive to give you the recipe for Coke’s syrup? How about if you went to McDonald’s and asked for the magic mix that … Read More

Be wedding beautiful : 3 beauty resolutions for the new year


Many people follow the adage that a new year should equal a new you. As we seek the perfect new year’s resolutions, we want to transform from the frumpy caterpillar of our past into the beautiful butterfly of our future.

Business-savvy brides-to-be are … Read More

Should you change your last name? 5 questions to ask yourself


Business-savvy brides have a lot to think through before they get married. Aside from wedding plans, there is also family structure, finances, and even name change.

A Star Tribune article featured interesting stats regarding name change. In the mid 1970s, 96% of women … Read More