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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Plan Your Perfect Wedding – Tip # 1: Build Wedding Guest List

Hi everyone, Mattea here 🙂

I am back on finally!  And with the return, I am determined to provide my most comprehensive wedding planning guide to anyone who is need of planning your wedding.

Come visit and check out our wedding planning tips that I hope  to help you create your big day in the most personalized way possible, a perfect wedding of yours.

Tip # 1: Build Wedding Guest List

On your wedding day, what matters most is that the people you love and value are there with you. So you first big priority of your entire wedding plan is to build wedding guest list.

The names you write create the entire foundation of your wedding plans, since size affects your location and budget.

By tradition, when building your initial wedding guest list, first incorporate all of your parents’ and future in-laws’ wished-for guests into your master list.

However, most of the time, you may find the grand total from the master list make your head spin. Either, you simply cannot invite everyone or you don’t want to invite some of these guests.  To cut the list down to the absolute essentials, you can categorize your list in tiers. Tier 1 comprises of your closest family and friends.  Second cousins and their families might be Tier 2; distant friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a long time might be Tier 3.

So when a list is built and the size is simply not manageable, starting removing people from the bottom tier, lets say your tier 5 guests.

If having a problem to categorize your guest, consider using the following infograph for wedding guest elimination decision tree. (click to enlage)

Wedding Guest List

Build your wedding guest list


Stay tuned for the next Plan Your Perfect Wedding Tip!