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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Bride Sanity Check: 10 Non-Wedding Activities for Busy-Bee Brides

Today marks 10 months until my wedding day. I know that there is still much to do, but I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in the past month. We’ve booked our DJ, took our wedding pictures, picked out our rehearsal dinner site, and begun the registry process. I’ve also gone to my very first dress fitting. Likewise, kudos to every bride out there who manages to achieve the fine balance between all the busy-bee responsibilities in her life.

It’s sometimes very difficult to keep sane while us business-savvy brides balance oh-so-many things. I feel like lately, I’ve been struggling with sanity. I apologize to those friends and family members that I victimize with my bridal word-vomit. Since I’m at the big “one-oh” point, a reflection upon the big “one-oh” things that every savvy bride can do to keep her sanity seems appropriate.

Without further ado, the top 10 ways you, the bride, can keep your sanity while planning your wedding:

  1. Eat right. If you are what you eat, you shouldn’t eat garbage. To help you track your progress on how balanced your diet is, you can start with USDA’s My Pyramid or WebMD‘s tools for planning a healthy balanced diet. If you eat healthy, you’ll feel better, and your sanity will stay intact.
  2. Exercise. There are so many benefits to working out, it’s difficult to list them all. But chief among all the benefits are that you get your frustrations out. If you’re struggling with a vendor who has been doing nothing but aggravating you, get on the treadmill and pretend the business owner’s face is on the moving track. Or, escape to yoga where tranquility and deep meditation will move you to a calm place. Either way, consistent workout will keep your frustrations at a mild level with a great bonus…you’ll look slammin’ on your wedding day.
  3. Sleep. We’ve talked about sleep before and how crucial it is to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Specifically, in the blog post on 11/2 about how to not get sick, we learned that sleeping less than 7 hours each night more than triples your chances of getting sick. I’d also propose (although this is not scientifically proven) that a lack of sleep more than quadruples the effects of the inner bridezilla. Rest well, business-savvy brides; your inner angel will thank you for it.
  4. Get lost in something else. It’s so easy for the wedding to become the center of our world. But when we do that, we tend to alienate others and invoke our inner bride-demon. To bring you back to reality, it might be helpful that you fixate on something other than your wedding…like a good book. Not much of a reader? Then get lost at the movies, some plays in your local community, or something non-wedding to help you tame the she-devil inside.
  5. Practice wedding-free Wednesdays. Many bridal planning books and websites will speak about picking one day a week to be free of wedding talk. Not only is it good for those around you, but I promise it’s good for you too. So give yourself a break and avoid talking about the dress, the rings, the limos, and the whole sh-bang each and every Wednesday.
  6. Do something non-wedding special with the hubster. Bridal planners the world around suggest that brides and grooms take some time to remember why they are getting married in the first place. While dating, you were playful, thoughtful, carefree, and hopelessly in love. Don’t forget to show the hubby that you’re still that girl. Once a month, prove to each other that you’re still the one the other fell in love with. Be playful, thoughtful, carefree, and hopelessly in love.
  7. Cook or bake. Cooking and baking is another easy escape route to help you keep your sanity, plus both are great life skills that you will surely use after the wedding. Even if you haven’t been much of a home maker before (I know I haven’t), sign up for a daily recipe and once a week, try cooking dinner or baking something different. My favorite recipe daily comes from – they have some great 30-minute meals and fun holiday treats! 
  8. Call a bridesmaid to talk non-wedding. Probably some of the most victimized individuals to your bridal blabber are those darling bridal attendants who pledged their loyalty (and a good chunk of their wallets) to your cause. Giving them a simple phone call to ask how they’re doing and what’s going in their lives will go a huge distance for your relationship. Go for it.
  9. Volunteer. You’re probably reading this and thinking, “OK, MBA Bride…you’ve gone off the deep end…I have no time!” I’m not suggesting that you give 2 hours a week to the local animal shelter (although you def should if you have the time). Instead, donating some canned goods to a local shelter, rummaging through your closet and pulling out old clothing to donate to the salvation army, or taking your friend up on that opportunity to make a donation to the race for the cure will make your insides tingle with warmth. Doing good never goes unnoticed when you recognize that you can be helping someone else. Volunteer your old wardrobe, a small fee, or canned goods once a month to bring you back to reality.
  10. Prepare for post-wedding life. If you’re in denial, allow me to remind you: there is a life after your wedding. Some brides may plan to buy a home, buy a car, or go back to school after the wedding. Take some time to set yourself up for those big things you’ll have to do in the post-wedding future to keep your feet on the ground and eye on the ball. The ball isn’t the wedding, but is your future after it.

Whew. I’ve got some work to do to keep myself grounded in reality during all the wedding planning.

How about you? Which of the big 10 do you plan to take on? Or do you plan to do something different?

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