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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Bride-friendly companies: 3 big brands that love brides

There are very few big brands who really understand brides-to-be. Aside from the stereotypical wedding brands (David’s Bridal, Wedding Paper Divas, etc), there are a few big brands that bend over backwards for their brides to be. These big brands go out of their way to make brides happy because they go out of their way to make the customer happy. They are leaders in their industries with a strong customer-centric focus, which is excellent for brides looking to achieve their wedding dreams.

There are three brands that really take the cake when it comes to pleasing the bridal customer.

Disney: The creators of the wedding dream

Disney has been going out of their way for brides for a long time now. And they start positioning the dream Disney wedding when girls are young, with us longingly looking up at the sky wanting to live happily ever after with our own Prince Charming. And boy do they deliver the Magic. They’ll help their bridal couples plan their fairytale engagements, weddings, honeymoons, and even pick out the bride’s wedding gown.

And the expertise shows too. Out of 42 reviews on Wedding Wire’s Review Website, Disney received 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its clear Disney loves their brides.

Starbucks: Brewing up a cup of bridal love

In the fall of last year, Huffington Post featured an article of a bridal couple who decided to tie the knot in the same place where they fell in love – over coffee in a Starbucks of course! The short video below features the bridal couple and their reasoning for having the Starbucks Wedding:

You can see how Starbucks has a deep appreciation and love for their customers in this video – which is true of many of the employees that work for the coffee king. And when a bridal couple wants to do something unique, the employees can rally together and meet the customers expectations. Starbucks loves their customers – if their customers also happen to be brides, then they love their brides too!
Zappos: Selling more than wedding shoes
Tony Hseih, CEO of Zappos, wrote Delivering Happiness, a book about selling happiness as much as selling shoes. Tony’s theory is that if your customers and employees are happy, your business will be successful. In essence, the Zappos model allows for employees to do what they need to to satisfy the customer. A brilliant idea!
I then attended an IMC MBA course where my Professor Nicole Aimes, founder and owner of Twist IMC, was discussing Zappos and how they go above and beyond for the customer. She told us how she heard that Zappos employees will do what it takes to satisfy the customer. In one particular instance, an employee spoke with a soon-to-be bride for 8 hours trying to find her right shoe.
To validate this claim, I reached out to Tony via Twitter, asking the following:
Tony replied to my Tweet within 2 minutes, saying that he hasn’t personally taken that phone call, but brides do call and Zappos employees will spend as much time with brides as they need to. I then heard from Zappos customer service, re-confirming Tony’s statement. To which I replied…
You heard it directly from them, folks. Zappos loves brides!
Bottom line is this: There are some companies out there that do a mediocre job with wowing the customer. Perhaps on an ordinary day, this wouldn’t bother us. But when we’re planning our wedding, the stakes our higher, our time is limited, our patience is worn, and we don’t have time for mediocrity. If you’re choosing to do business with a big brand, choose one like Disney, Starbucks, or Zappos, who love brides and will do whatever they need to to make us happy.
What other big brands have you worked with that have exceeded your expectations? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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