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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Bridal Wit Part I of II 3 Reasons Why Family, Friends, Vendors Help (or Don’t Help) You

One business school course taught me more about people and life than any other one I’ve taken – Information & Technology Strategies. Despite the fact that this course has a tedious title, it was fun and applicable. In particular, I’ve applied two crucial frameworks from this course to my wedding planning escapades. Today, I will discuss the first framework – the concept of motivating factors. When someone takes action, it is for one of three reasons:
  1. Love
  2. Money
  3. Glory

Love. When an individual is able to express themself, practice his or her art, or connect more with a certain person, the individual is acting out of love. As an example, my fiance’s Aunt Dayna, a talented calligrapher, has offered her invitation making service to us. No doubt she offered because she wants to connect with us, but also because she loves to practice her craft. See some of her brilliant work by clicking here.

Money. Yes, this category is a no brainer – many of us are motivated by money. The phrasing of this category suggests that “it’s all about the benjamins, baby.” But don’t be fooled: this category can be extended to include professional development and networking opportunities as well. Specifically, when you go to the next bridal showcase, the photographers may be there to not only win your business, but might also be interested in networking with their peers (and learning from their competitors).

Glory. Many individuals are motivated by a simple pat on the back. You can take it a step further by treating people who help you like rockstars. Businesses are motivated by a different form of glory: free advertising. So after you go for your first dress fitting, toot the bridal boutique’s horn on your facebook wall and twitter handle. Talk about how friendly/fun/professional/engaging/exciting/etc. the fitting was, tag the vendor in the post, and include a link to the boutique’s website or phone number. Doing so will motivate the boutique decision makers to hand hold your alterations and ensure they are done with the highest quality and timeliness.

All in all, make sure you understand these three motivating principals and which is the most important to each person or vendor you interact with during your wedding planning timeframe. If you feel like you can’t get someone to help you like you want, re-evaluate what motivates them and then tap into the love/glory/money to get them on your side.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post which will focus on the four basic reasons anyone will reach out to you.

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