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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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About Us

Story of the trials, tribulations and occasional jubilations of planning a wedding! We are Mattea and Dom and in January 2013 we got married! It was truly the most magical day of our lives, but getting to this point was not always easy! This blog began as a log of our honeymoon, the story of a “married gormless” who knew nothing about a wedding photographer and the bride who could not stop talking about them! We believe we have learned some lessons along the way, and now we are here to help you plan your own day!

For us, a wedding should be all about having fun, so while we like to share the stories of couples (and ours) and show you the coolest inspiration, wedding photography and video super impressive, we do not take things too seriously! We will tell you the story of the bride and the outlook for honeymooners and we hope we can offer a good read and a little inspiration for honeymooners as well! So sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea or crack open a bottle of single malt and join us in search of some fresh weddings, incredible stories and having a few laughs in the process.