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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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A Deeper Look at 2012’s 5 Best Budget-Savvy Trends for Brides on a Budget

Engagement Ring with Dollar Bills

With the recession and unemployment reaching peaks, many brides are more budget conscious than they’ve ever been before. In the past few years, we’ve all learned that within the blink of an eye, savings that were once used for wedding planning may be required for more important things, like the rent, mortgage, or a car payment.

Business and budget savvy brides triumph over these factors and create new wedding phenomenons and trends with a tighter budget. Today, Bravo Bride issued a press release showing the hottest budget savvy trends for 2012. The five trends are:

  1. Paperless invitations
  2. Pre-owned wedding items
  3. Cash Registries
  4. Faux Flowers
  5. Wedding Rentals

Paperless invitations

The benefits abound with the paperless invitation route. Paperless invite companies like Paperless Post and Glo offer invitations with similar feel to a traditional invitation, but many more perks. Aside from being green and saving on costs associated with paper, printing, and labor, you also getting the added benefit of managing your RSVP list online. That’s quite a step up from the shoe box organization you may have at home. 

But why stop there? Business-savvy brides can also be Tech-savvy brides. Using social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, or even image sites like Flickr can give you some cool ideas. I personally love this wedding invitation featuring a bride and groom represented as lego characters.

Pre-owned wedding items

Pre-owned wedding items reduce the cost by a ton for brides to be. Many brides make the mistake of buying brand new when they can find the same product on websites like, Recycled Bride, and Wore It Once for a deep discount. Not to mention you’re helping former brides recover some of the costs of their wedding!

Cash Registries

Cha-ching! Cash registries are becoming more and more popular and make sense for brides that could use cash more than she could a toaster. Websites like Our Wishing Well, Go Gift, and Starlight Registry offer online cash registries. This is beneficial for business-savvy brides on a budget who could use the cash to help fund the wedding or purchase much needed things for the home. Makes sense to me!

Faux Flowers

Fake flowers made of cloth, clay, broaches, paper, or felt are very popular for a few reasons: they’re less expensive, they last much longer than a bouquet of fresh flowers, and the guests who are allergic to pollen won’t have to pop allegra in the bathroom of your wedding venue. Etsy has a great supply of a number of options for a wedding. If you have a crafty friend, you can always ask them to make up your bridal bouquet. The options are limitless!

Wedding Rentals

Rather than owning pre-owned wedding items, why not just rent them? These days, everything from bridal gowns to centerpieces can be rented for the wedding of your dreams, saving you a chunk of change. Conducting a simple google search for “wedding rental” and your major metropolitan area should reveal some hidden gems you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

Embracing these five budget trends will create more wiggle room in the budget, allowing every bride to create the wedding of her fantasy with the budget of her reality.

What are other ways a bride can create wiggle room in her bridal purse strings? Share your thoughts in the comments to this post.

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