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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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6 Unique Wedding Website Ideas

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In the era of the Internet age, brides-to-be often jump into creating a wedding website to provide guests with information about the weddings. All too often, brides-to-be first love it, then leave it to be gobbled up by the Internet ether. Business-savvy brides knows that any website that is not updated frequently is not valuable at all.

So before the bride-to-be jumps on the wedding website bandwagon, she must first ask herself “do I need a wedding website?” After she evaluates if a wedding website is crucial, her next question should be, “what are the minimum requirements of my website?” Then she picks a wedding platform to host her website on (i.e. Google Weddings, Wedsite, Wedding Wire, etc.) and puts the basic requirements for her website.

Congratulations, bride-to-be. You’ve created a wedding website like every other bride. It has the basic information your guests need with some customization for you and the hubs. Maybe this is enough for you, considering you’re a busy bee bride. But maybe, just maybe, you want to differentiate even further.

Your wedding website is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and get your guests truly excited for the amazing wedding they will be attending in the future. It’s also a great opportunity to crowdsource, or have visitors to your website help you make certain decisions about your wedding.

Here are 6 unique wedding website ideas that can spiff up your plain-jane wedding website.

  • Guest of the week. Let your guests get to know one another by featuring a guest a week. Give a brief description of the guests including where they live, how they relate to the bride and groom, and some fun facts about them. It’s a good way for guests to get to know one another in advance and create a congenial atmosphere at your wedding. For an example of guests of the week, see the Taradan Wedding.
  • Quiz. Engage your guests by posting a quiz about you and the hubs. Include questions such as where you met, your first date, your most prized possessions, and other fun facts. For an example of a wedding quiz, see Jamie and Katie’s website.
  • Polls. Here, crowdsourcing can come to your advantage. You can ask guests to help you made decisions about the important elements to your wedding. As an example, I asked my guests what the most important food element of a wedding. I learned that guests care less about the wedding cake and care more about the main course. Keeping this in mind, we’ll be sure to feature amazing dinner foods without much focus on the desserts.
  • Set the playlist. Another fabulous crowdsourcing option is to ask your guests to help you set your wedding do- and do-not-play list. Using a simple open platform like Google docs make it easy for your guests to help set the music to your big day. Plus, you get a feel for what your guests like. For an example of asking guests to set the playlist, see my wedding website page.
  • YouTube Videos. If you and the hubs are all about making videos (let’s keep it clean, folks), you can post some of your cute videos to your wedding website page via Youtube. Family and friends that are long-distance would love to see your smiling faces via a video log, commonly known as vlogging. Plus, who doesn’t love a back-stage tour of anything – so give your family and friends something to savor by giving them some insight into your wedding planning before your big day.
  • Pinterest wedding board. Many brides to be are finding the value of Pinterest, a beta form of a new social network featuring images and minimal use of text. If you’re a bride to be who’s pin pin pinning away, why not share some of your thoughts and ideas with your wedding guests? Perhaps instead of writing down the dress code on your wedding website, you can show your guests some of the fashions you’d like to see at your wedding, giving them a visual cue for your (insert formality level here)-style wedding.


Stand out from the wedding website crowd and put some innovative new categories onto your wedding website that help you or help your guests. And don’t forget, business-savvy brides to be, update that website often (weekly) to ensure that your guests stay excited by giving them something new to see.

What other creative features have you seen on wedding websites?

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