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The MBA Bride | October 24, 2021

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Carpe Bri-diem: 5 Things To Do During The Groom’s Bachelor Party

5 Things To Do During The Groom's Bachelor PartyIt’s almost taboo for a bride-to-be to discuss her feelings towards her hubster’s bachelor party. Most of the time, we’re either expected to be so vehemently against it or to just “let them loose” for a last chance of…who knows.

Enough of that non sense. Time for the more business-savvy of us to shatter that societal standard and talk about how to deal with it.

My hubs had his bachelor party last weekend. Our best man planned the time of my hubs’ life complete with a trip to New Orleans on St. Patty’s Day weekend. The popularity of this stag-extravaganza was such that a group of 20 men from around the US took flight to “NoLa,” as they affectionately called it, leaving this bride (me) behind to her on devices.

Left alone, I’m sure my mind would have wondered to bad thoughts. Regardless to if you’re jealous, kind, sentimental, or could care less about the whole bachelor party shenanigans, thoughts will creep into the bride-to-be’s head and it could be ugly.

Instead of giving into those thoughts, embrace “Carpe Bri-diem” and seize the day by occupying your mind. Here are five things you can do to occupy yourself during his bachelor party:

  1. Ask to have your bachelorette the same day/weekend as your hubsters. This is the ultimate in letting your mind be elsewhere. Ask your maid of honor, or whomever else is throwing you the bachelorette party if she can arrange for your hen party to be the same day/weekend as his. That way, you’re not only distracted, but it feels fair.
  2. Pamper Yourself. Since he and his friends are spending money to “live it up,” why not live it over at the spa? I treated myself to a facial and massage when he was gone. Not only does it distract your mind, but it also helps you to relax. Talking to the massage therapist or skin care consultant will keep your dark thoughts at bay.
  3. Spend time with friends/family. Seek out the support of your friends/family members and ask them to help you not think about his bachelor party. I escaped to my parents house for one night, then spent the other night with my maid of honor. They let me talk about what I wanted to, but relieved my mind by talking about other items. Because of the quality time spent with them, I didn’t fixate on what my hubs and co. were doing.
  4. Plan more. There’s nothing better than escaping into planning land to completely engulf your thoughts. Work on those nitty-gritty details that require a lot of time and energy to help you forget about his whereabouts.
  5. Exercise. There’s nothing better than exercising out your frustrations. So if nothing else, enroll in that bridal bootcamp or extended exercise program while he is away. Added bonus: you’ll bebufftastic and feeling good when the hubster returns from his rite of passage, reinforcing your belief that he has it better at home. And he does.
If there’s one thing that makes a bride cringe, it’s the thought of her future husband’s bachelor party. Even the most un-jealous of brides ponder the awful things our society encourages men to do at their “stag” party. It’s important that a bride stay cool, calm, and collected throughout while he’s away and these 5 suggestions will help you to do so.
If your hub’s stag party already happened, what did you do during it? If it hasn’t happened yet, what are your plans to “pay no mind” to his bachelor plans?

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